Monday, April 11, 2011

A postcard from Savannah…

The weekend arrives and there are one and one thousand things we can do. Because my town is so rich in culture, music and food. Because it always stands proud like the oaks that it houses. Savannah has birthed, hosted and housed so many artists from all over the globe. It always inspires and challenges the creative mind with new and revolutionary ideas.

That my friends is really sweet… sweetness that is sticky and gooey and like gum it sticks to the sole of your shoe and if you have one bit of inclination in doing anything creative let me tell you…
Visit my home Savannah and the muses will whisper sweet nothings in your ears to the point of creation.
Even my cooking skills have improved in Savannah. You hear Paula Deen?!

Saturday night we were once again able to go on a date…

(Here is a secret for a happier marriage... if you have a teen that you can trust...mine is 19 and adores his baby sister... make also certain that such teen works full time… because the teen of course needs to be tired to want to stay home on a Saturday night use that teen at least twice a month …put on some lipstick and paint the town red with your significant other…when you get home you will be glad you did)

We wanted to do so much but it was just us and that is exactly how we left it. We went back to get steal the secret recipes of my favorite Martini bar. Hubby had the Savannah Honey Bee Vanilla martini which has been described a thousand and one ways by different people his description was:- “tastes like a very yummy cake in a glass”…

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

The Lemonade Basil Martini which I thought was far more complicated and will share the recipe at the end of the post. Now I can kick myself for not trying to crack the recipes at home.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

But it’s all good because the Martini outing brought us some Moroccan food and a show with belly dancers.

So it’s all really good…

Sunday afternoon I spend it with a few friends just watching the day go by with kiddies swinging at our hips, blankets and toys spread on the floor and we watched them play.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

A great opportunity for some pictures. Watching my girlfriends with their babies makes my heart swell ten times larger. I took many shots of Tracie and her girl. Tracie is a single Momma to Gigi and watching her love and kiss and talk about her daughter and watching her as she grows into a beautiful friend and mother made me so proud to be a woman and a momma and her friend.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

You are doing a heck of a job my friend and your strength and determination are admirable and palpable.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

But there was a group of wise, strong and talented women that said it best…

“It's not easy being a mother.  If it were easy, fathers would do it.”  The Golden Girls

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Everyone have a great week… Stay Sweet…

Lemonade Basil Martini
Muddle (in shaker) 5-6 leaves fresh basil with one packet granulated sugar
1 ounce of lemonade (They used Kroger Lemonade)
add ice  add 2.5-3ounces citrus vodka, shake together and serve.
should be a nice greenish color, if more yellow use more basil. Rim yellow colored sugar with lemon juice.

Savannah Honey Bee Vanilla Martini
In shaker mix… Ice, 1 ounce of Vanilla flavored Vodka, 1 ounce of Milk…
On glass lattice pattern some Savannah Honey and cover rim of glass with honey and crumbled graham cracker.
Top with a dollop of Whip Cream.


  1. this post made me smile :)

    not sure if it was the martinis or the honey j/k

  2. Thanks for having us over yesterday! The photos are awesome and I am so honored to have you in my life!

  3. yum
    thanks for the recipies
    im glad you went on a date!
    fun fun
    pictures were great

  4. I have never tried that drink. It does look good though! Thanks for the recipes!

  5. You have such a lovely family and Blog. Best wishes from our Blog to yours!

  6. It's so important to "date" your husband...I'm learning that as I get older. We're due for a night out pretty soon. Glad you had a great weekend.

  7. I've been wanting to go to Savannah for ages! Did you go to Paula Deen's restaurant?

  8. Those drinks look amazing! Can't wait to try them :)

  9. For some reason, I totally spaced and thought you had a vacation home there. Whoops!

    How did you like PD's restaurant?


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