Press, Awards and Fine Art Exhibits

Fine Art Photo Exhibits

  • August 1987 Nuestra Isla - University of Puerto Rico Gallery
  • May 1988 Movimiento Punk - Inter American University of Puerto Rico
  • April 2011 Meeting At the Crossroads - The Sentient Bean, Savannah, GA

Paprika Southern First Issue 
Paprika Southern October Issue
Skirt Magazine December 2012
Skirt Magazine November 2012
Skirt Magazine October 2012
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Savannah Morning News 



  1. Congrats! You are the featured blogger on this weeks blog hop. You did not have a button for me to "grab" on your blog, so I went ahead and created one based off the header of your blog. Please let me know if you hate it and I will take it down and just have the link. If you like it I can email you the image I created and you can make a button for people to grab for your blog (I have a tutorial on how to do this on my blog). I look forward to hearing from you & Congrats again on being the featured blogger!

  2. i love looking at beautiful photographs, i wish i have that talent like your photos!=)



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