Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Many friends and loved ones are going through shifts and changes and I am as well. The beginning of any given year presents us with the opportunity of growth and rebirth and most of us embrace it. Questioning my own existence and future is as normal as brushing my teeth these days. 

Like the frog footman shows up with an invite to the croquet game... the return of old lovers via Facebook friend request is one I always question. Puzzled, I accept. Something happens when we reach a certain age and with fondness we navigate the roads and rivers of the past as if we've dropped something along the way...

What I remember from those days is a plethora of boys I've kissed. Beautiful boys that provided me with even more beautiful adventures, music, art and laughter. They never meant any harm and I would always leave them before they had a chance to leave me. Then, all I needed was someone warm to hold onto and read poetry with. Drink wine and kiss me until the sun would come up or until my lips were burning... chapped... from all the kissing. These boys all tasted like mangoes and papayas who was I to deny myself of such sweetness. They would lay on my lap and fall asleep. 

Dreaming of who knows what...

Alice could possibly be one of my favorite characters and as an homage of me going down the rabbit hole and with the help of Krista that wanted so badly to be Alice...
I present to you...


Model: Krista. T.

Photography: Moi
Wardrobe: Krista
PA: Cake
Location: Wonderland

Thanks to Krista for this shoot. I had a blast.
Hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. Love the photos. So playful ... made me smile

  2. What a perfect Alice! I don't accept Friend Requests from old boyfriends. Alpha Hubby doesn't like it and he is far more important than the few minutes excitement I'd get reconnecting with old loves. Besides, all I have to do is think about him connecting with some chick from his past and OH HECK NO. So, I can live without the past resurfacing (smile)!!

    1. Not many times I am open but if I think is organic and innocent enough I go down the hole ;) Thanks for sharing with me. xo

  3. Gorgeous, Sexy, Fabulous Alice!

    You. Are. Fabulous, A. XXXxxxx

  4. Beautiful! Just a lovely shoot, slightly jealous cause I'm sure my Wonderland shoot won't look anywhere as good.

  5. Looooooooved the post and i feel the same!!! My fav pic is 4 cause of the colors!!

  6. Looooooooved the post and i feel the same!!! My fav pic is 4 cause of the colors!!


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