Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Mine...

Fact is, the day when we celebrate love may have darker origins. Ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia on Feb. 13-15. The feast involved animal sacrifices and whipping women, thought to make them more fertile. During the times before Christianity and where most of our celebrations come from which are Pagan traditions their ways were far more complex.

Today many of us are jaded and cynical towards the holiday. We have allowed material possessions to be  the reflection of ourselves and the defining factor of our success. When in reality none of us get what we need from anyone unless we provide it for ourselves. 

 photo heartsky.jpg

My favorite thing about this Valentine's Day specifically is the cover for a local and free newspaper. I shot the image in the company of my longtime friend Cathy. The model was Janay a local writer and journalist which one day will pen the next great American novel. The art director for the day was Heather and I have a feeling I've made a friend for life. I even found the way to include Nicole Edge, a local dress designer that if you knew her many talents you would think she is Super girl. An all female cast for the production of a cover.  How's that for fertility?!?!

Today, some crave chocolates and roses. 
Today, I crave love...self love and empowerment.
Today, I celebrate...

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Weekend.


  1. that sounds like an amazing shoot! I also love the peek into the darker side of Valentine's... glad they outgrew the whipping for fertility thing though ;)

  2. I'm loving that dress and fragile cape! We opted not to do traditional this year. I told Alpha Hubby, "You tell me and show me you love me every day. Why waste money on something for one day that you already do daily?" So we opted to dress up, eat a special dinner then slow dance in the living room. Whipping. Hmmm. Just kidding but man, that sounds like the other rituals of paganism - stupid gone to seed!!

  3. E M P O W E R M E N T!

    my favorite word.


  4. your photos become more and more original. please let me see you featured in vogue magazine. we did get cynical about valentine's day - didn't we? just another hallmark holiday - maybe. maybe we should reinvent it to serve our individual purposes. i'm happy to catch up with you. love to you & your beautiful family over there x [back to the india banks profile - don't ask don't tell] x

  5. I love the outfit in the photo! For Valentines Day I got myself a Zombie Strike Nerf Crossbow mwahahaha I'm weird.

  6. Amazing shot! Happy Valentines xxxx

  7. Hope you had a lovely one and got everythung you wanted babe.!


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