Monday, October 28, 2013

Flower Power...

The summer is gone but I keep dreaming of colors. Beautiful swirls of colors and bubbles. 
My latest photo story will reflect that. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Flower Children, the 60's and women becoming stronger and independent I present to you my latest series. As I was shooting this series the news and the death of Lou Reed filled the airwaves and all of the social media. I felt as if somehow I was celebrating the life and legacy of so many artists. The decade that birth freedom and the summer of love and here is my homage.

Flower Power

Model: Shaunii R.
Purple Dress: Vintage Dame Darcy
Amber Necklace: Adriana Iris
Wooden Shoes: Artisan handcrafted 
Americana Top: Shaunii R.
Flower Headpiece: Picola And Co.

Hope your weekend was groovy. 
Wishing you nothing but peace and love my friends...


  1. I LOVE this shoot! Omg the awesomesauce of this.

  2. magazine quality. you need an agent. i love them so much x


  3. ***The summer is gone but I keep dreaming of colors***

    I love love love.

    You are an artist! Xxxxx

  4. She totally exudes the theme. Very nice shoot.

  5. Wow, what a flashback! That white dress looks exactly like my graduation dress, too! Beautiful model and love the layouts!


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