Friday, November 1, 2013

Season Of The Witch...

Not long ago I posted on my Facebook status the following...
Sunday Manifesto...
I believe in poetry, unicorns, coffee and black cats. My fingernails are painted with stardust and I look at danger and laugh. I have faith in many things specially all of my dreams. Trying to tame me will make me wanna throw glitter in your eyes.

With that said my favorite images from Hallow's Eve.

 photo homeblog_zps3b6b59a3.jpg

 photo butterflyblog_zps8ce1b25b.jpg

 photo vioblog_zps29a1c2bf.jpg

 photo ANGELblog_zps14955827.jpg

 photo hamburglar_zpsba7e7443.jpg

 photo himblog_zps5bba238a.jpg

 photo danceblog_zps64ad861d.jpg

 photo CANDLEblog_zps7f36701b.jpg

 photo tribeblog_zpsd530b38c.jpg

 photo hekateblog_zpsbff0cdd9.jpg

 photo peepsblog_zpsbbc99195.jpg

 photo FACEblog_zps0af178ef.jpg

Hope your Halloween was magical...

 photo 0witch_zps0cfcddd0.jpg


  1. Once again, you cast another spell on BB. Oh, if you're gonna throw glitter at me, please use the multi colored- you know Babushka doesn't do boring. ; ) BB2U

  2. Great pics just like a dream Keep up the great job Following you from now on :)

  3. Those pictures are amazing!!!

  4. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really think we need to bring back the old Samhain month long festival can we can we please? By the way I agree with your manifesto and I have the glitter for us to threw ;)

  6. Amazing photos of your Halloween eve!

  7. Your photos are super awesome! Keep up the great work. :)

  8. love how moody these photos are, especially that last shot. AND so cool to see my font in use! thanks :)

  9. Looks amazing! I freaking love Halloween xxx

  10. It's insane what you can do with a camera. Great header image by the way.

  11. I do love how you capture so much with a simple click of a button. Your pictures speak and I love your Halloween collection. Can't wait to see your Christmas ones!


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