Saturday, October 26, 2013

About Gothic fairy tales...

Today I felt the summer leave me like an incredibly bored lover and I was acting out as if it was my first boyfriend. I have kept busy with many things. The adventures are things that I myself couldn't have had the imagination to foresee for I at times can lack the foresight.

The constant tug between motherhood and my own independence. My heart builds the roots of what is our family tree and my head wanders off while wearing fairy wings. The constant bickering between the two can be consuming.

Since I last posted I have flirted with a famous Spaniard, drank too much tequila. created many pieces of art and have met many new friends. But I have clean the closets and attics, held a yard sale, went on a date with the man of the house, prepared and organized the girls for the upcoming cold weather, shopped for Halloween costumes, groceries, cooked meals and the other one thousand things we woman do.

And I need the solitude of the nights. I need the silence to let me my mind wander. To create and learn because I always want more.

About numbers...
She has hurt her right arm 2.0 times. She is 3.3 years of age. She weighs 47.7 lbs. She wears size 5T and the shoe size is 10.

Tonight I get to see dancers, clowns and a illustrator. I might even get to meet one of those that kill zombies for a living.  Because after all it is I who lives in this city... The most haunted city in America and I...  I am nothing but an extra in this Gothic fairy tale...


 Have a great weekend peeps...


  1. Busy, busy! Having something for ourselves is how we also appreciate doing for others, right?! Be carefully out with those zombie killers : )

  2. I know the always wanting more feeling well!

  3. Busy busy ... never ending to do lists but still time to dream ;)

  4. you wearing pink shorts and a pink top? Good thing you there on a black sweater or I would be worried.


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