Monday, April 29, 2013

The South...

The days are flying by and summer is upon us in Savannah, GA. The days are longer and with all the sunlight more opportunities to photograph my surroundings. On a daily basis I fall in love with photography. Every time I get that one image that feels as if I took the brush to a canvas. Capturing that fleeting moment gives me such satisfaction. A moment that otherwise would be lost in time. Because I am addicted to my surroundings and all of the beauty that I see.

 photo SCAD_zpsb2b93593.jpg

*Savannah Sidewalk Art festival is one of my favorite art festivals. Artists creates exquisite pieces of art which today are gone. Chalk art taken to another level.  Like Buddhists monks they create these beautiful pieces that are just for a moment in time.

Colors so bright and intense and this is the moment that I realize I am way too fast and impatient to be a painter. It is now that I want to capture all of it. I want it to be with ease and fluidity and  my hands could never move fast enough.

 photo sidewalkartfestival_zps03c66e07.jpg

Just as my brain begins to wrap itself around all the colors and surroundings just as I am beginning to feel the breeze, the sun and all of this art... history shows up and slaps me on the face. A war that saw the end of slavery and the downfall of a southern planter aristocracy.

 photo savvy_zps3d71a414.jpg

There wasn't a family in the South that did not lose a son or brother or father.

 photo savannah2_zps5f5f3c80.jpg

It was the birth of a new freedom...
The most necessary, horrible and heroic conflict this nation has ever witnessed.

 photo savannah_zps6ec2cd90.jpg

I felt as if I was falling down the rabbit hole with so much pain and sadness yet glad to be here in the year 2013. I return to meet with my tribe and there she was smiling so big. Right there in the middle of the Historic District in Downtown Savannah...

 photo IMG_1511_zpsa5070374.jpg

The place where once her father and I would not have been possible to be.

Happy Monday peeps.


  1. Very nicely written and photographed - as always! You captured it so well. Reia from

  2. you always make me smile with your warm, vibrant colors & life xx

  3. You always take good pictures but this ones are pretty superb!

  4. I really liked your story telling in this post. You took me places and ended it with the cutest smile ever.

  5. Love the photographs, the history of the post, and how you captured the first one. Your daughter is a doll. Thanks for linking up with TALU!

  6. Hi Adriana! Found your blog thru the bloghop and am now following via GFC :) Your photos are very inspiring, can't wait to look thru more of your blog.

  7. I just adore sidewalk chalk drawings and have longed to go to GA and see this in person...maybe one day :-) I also totally get what you're saying about falling in love with photography even more during the summer season. There's just something so magical about that afternoon sun!

    1. You should the work is amazing. Thanks for the comment.

  8. I love sidewalk chalk I wish I could do something as great as what you photographed. Great post.

  9. What a fabulous smile she has! Just stumbled upon your blog, such beautiful photos.


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