Thursday, March 28, 2013

That Girl...

 It is Thursday afternoon and as I am pulling all of the sarongs off the garden bed I notice each one these sarongs are so beautiful. Beautiful because they are handmade and they are uniquely patterned and dyed. Indonesian art brings me so many memories and I daydream...

Ms. M asks what could I possibly be doing and why all the sarongs are laying outside.
I only respond with ... There was a frost last night.

She looks in my eyes and with a deep sigh of relief says:
"You are so cute... you tucked our plants to bed last night."

I am that girl that puts her plants to bed with fingernails full of dirt and promise.

Cocktail promised Strawberry Mint Julep.

Via ForestFeast

It is Strawberry season for us. If you are in Georgia close to Savannah.  Ottawa Farms Strawberry Festival   April 13 &14 2013.

 Instagram Freak...

Today marks the last day of school as of tomorrow Spring Break.
My girls and I will be on adventurer mode and we can't wait to share our adventures with you.

Happy Weekend peeps please stay sweet.


  1. And I can't wait to be carried away by all your adventures. BB2U

  2. OMG I love strwberries!! can you bring not good to deny a pregnant womans anotojos!! JK beso!

  3. 1. gasping for breath at all the beauty here.
    2. i've never had a mint julep so this will be my first one.
    3. you keep sarongs on your garden beds? of course you do.

    with love

    happy Easter.

  4. Have a fun adventure over Spring Break.

    Savor. Love. Enjoy. Drink. Eat. Be Happy.


  5. your instagram photos lately have been off the chart!! xox

  6. Awesome flowers, I love that you tucked them into bed. =]

  7. Awesome pics. Photos are amazing. And I'm so longing for that Strawberry Mint Julep.

  8. thanks for sharing my recipe for the Strawberry Mint's a fun one for the Kentucky derby! here's the link to the full recipe:


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