Monday, March 25, 2013

Lucid Dreaming...

I must have dreamed that I updated the blog because when I noticed it had been a week from my last post I could not believe it. I, in honesty thought that I had come here to share because last week was incredibly great but incredibly challenging.

 Have you ever had such highs in life filled with so much success. Success so great to the point you make others jealous. Those around you wishing that your life was theirs.

Then there is the opposite...

The lows that are so low which the thought of it makes you wanna cry and those people... those that were green with envy a few days before that now look at you with pity and glad they aren't walking in your shoes.

  photo savannahspring_zps7d6e076b.jpg

That sums up my week.
Up and down quite fast.
Lucidly dreaming I was here writing.
But the reality is I was floating...

 photo azaleas_zpscbfc0f6f.jpg

It is a new week and my feet are slightly touching the ground.

  photo pink_zps7ddc5116.jpg

Promise will be back with some cocktails by the end of the week.
Happy Monday.


  1. Life. Extremes. Synonyms. Love the pictures, Adri. Looking forward to giving you a huge hug in Miami. <3

  2. And a very happy Monday to you too Muchachita. Life and its' adventures- keeps the blood a pumpin'! BB2U

  3. Hope you are okay my lovely friend xxx

  4. I soooo understand what you are expressing here, dear. Xxxx LOVE.

  5. It's during those highs & lows that people truly reveal themselves. Believe them and keep doing you. xo

  6. Beautiful and I know those feelings, sometimes I swear I have done something but haven't.

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