Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moving Forward... The Adelante Movement

Last year I shared here on my blog about my first blogger conference and the life changing relationships I met during the course of it. I connected with some powerful, strong, opinionated and creative women and for that experience I will forever be grateful.

During the time of the conference each day we would all gather at 3pm. to share the information we had learned, to discuss new networking and marketing techniques, to plan the evening outfits for the many blogger parties being held and of course we would share a glass of wine as if  it was 5pm. The time I spent there was incredibly powerful and transcendental to me and we secretly became the 3pm girls.

This year and no longer a secret the 3pm girls are heading back to Hispanicize in Miami, Florida and this time Coca-Cola and the Adelante Movement is helping us get there.

The Wisdom of Latina Legends

Nely Galán, founder of The Adelante Movement for Latina economic empowerment, presents The Adelante Movement: The Wisdom of Latina Legends, featuring Hollywood icons Rita Moreno and Charo.  Presented by the Coca-Cola Company and by Nely Galán, the program is a special edition of The Adelante Movement:  Tour, in which these legends impart their insights regarding economic and personal empowerment, career and financial success, as well as health, wellness and longevity.  The program takes place on Thursday, April 11 at 2 PM at The Eden Roc Hotel in South Beach, as part of the annual Latino trends event, Hispanicize.

“We have created a program that focuses on bringing Latinas the remarkable stories and careers of women who came before us,” says Galán.  “We want to bring Latinas at Hispanicize the secrets of how these women have managed to move beyond stereotypes to break new ground, challenge and reinvent themselves, stay healthy, build financial stability and long-lasting careers which continue to flourish.”

“ We're delighted to welcome Coca-Cola and The Adelante Movement to the Hispanicize 2013 Event for Latino trendsetters,” said Manny Ruiz, Founder/Creative Director.  “The Wisdom of Latina Legends program is comprised of Hollywood icons who can teach us much about creating and maintaining a healthy mind and body and a successful career in one of the toughest businesses:  Entertainment.

Attendance to The Adelante Movement: The Wisdom of Latina Legends is free but space is limited. To obtain a ticket, please pre-register at www.theadelantemovement.com. To claim your ticket, enter the code: Adelante.

The Adelante Movement: Tour is a national series of live forums that bring together Latina leaders from around the country to inspire them to take action and to connect them with financial opportunities such as government contracts, franchises, jobs, start-up capital and corporate diversity contracts in order to create wealth and prosperity for their families and their communities. Join the Adelante Movement  www.theadelantemovement.com.

Would love to see you in Miami at Hispanicize and taking advantage of everything it has to offer. 

I will be tweeting live and Instagramming don't forget to follow and join us in South Beach.
If you are not able to join us in person, be part of the conversation. We’ll be posting live on Facebook/TheAdelanteMovement or @AdelantePower.

*This post is a sponsored post all opinions words and ideas are my own.


  1. Every day at 3pm I think of you and my other sisters =) I can't wait to meet again were it all started. The Adelante Movement is a program inspired for women like us...Latinas. It definitely makes me feel special. Looking forward to it!

  2. I will be attending Hispanicize for the first time next week along with my sister. I look forward to all the beautiful experiences at Hispanicize.

  3. We are so blessed for this wonderful opportunity..to connect, to learn, to grow..together.

  4. I'm so excited to know about this and cannot wait to see your photographs - especially of the 3 pm girls :)

  5. have fun hon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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