Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

The first act of Cats the Musical begins as the Jellicle cats are making their entrance into a big junkyard. As they enter, the Jellicle cats suddenly become aware of their human audience and realize that they must explain what a Jellicle cat is. Jellicat cats, they explain, are a very special breed of cats, very different from the ordinary cats. For starters, they each have three names: the first name is given by their human owners, the second name is unique and tailor-made for that specific cat based on its character and personality, and the third name is so mystical and esoteric that it is only known by the cat itself.


But, even more special than their unique names is the Jellicle cats’ ability to be reborn. In fact, the Jellicle cats have gathered together in the junkyard for that very reason. It is the night of the annual Jellicle Ball, an event in which Old Deuteronomy (the eldest and wisest Jellicle cat) chooses the cat who will be given a new life.


And, just like that my camera took me on another journey. This was my second assignment for the local paper. Next assignment is in January and I can't wait...



Being a blogger has its perks for example when a company sends you something and you use it and then you love it. There are some that are plain hilarious did not work for us but I found other uses...  

The Juppy Walker found another use.

To follow one of the many items that have made it to my door but this one I want to mention...
The reason? It controls temperature and she falls asleep easy its hypoallergenic and fire resistant.
The Merino Kids Baby Hoodie 

Check out baby Mia as the model...


Looking forward to the weekend many holiday bashes I have been invited to let's see where and with who I end up painting the town red. 
I will also begin... Yes, will just begin the shopping for the holiday. Wish me luck!


Happy Weekend... Stay Sweet Peeps!


  1. cute use of the baby walker. I too received one as a gift for my son, and it was terrible!

    stopping by from the hop!


  2. I always wondered about those baby walkers. The video made it look so easy and I almost bought one when my son seemed so far behind on walking. Turns out he was just enjoying getting a hitch off everyone else!

    I am following you through A Mommy's Blog Design and hope you will visit me and follow back at

    I am also hosting a **weekend long** hop!


  3. Came by on the Sunday Funday Hippidy Hop :-)
    Old follower GFC and NB

  4. Ohhhh, I adore "Cats!"

    Great photos. Congrats on your new gig. WOW. You Rock. What is the next assignment?

    Love the photos of Mia...

    Xxx Kissssss

  5. Love the photos! Looking forward to future posts. Now a follower :)

  6. hahaha your baby flying with balloons amazing shot!

    I've seen Cats too in London. It was amazing!

  7. Mia is pure sugar.

    I love live shows. What a fabulous job. ;)

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