Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sweet Life

I wanted to tell you some great stories. Stories that would make you a bit dizzy but the one that ended up a bit dizzy was myself. There are these times when everything is just right and the light hits their faces and I feel as if I am falling into grace...


I am sure you know that feeling and emotion. It's not a mystery and I am not an exclusive member of the love club... but such divine beauty needed to be brought to my attention. For when I am old in age and fragile and all the rooms are empty.... I will want to recall that one night... that one day... in front of the fireplace on a cold night.  When I was filled with pride love and complete devotion.


And we played and we danced and we baked and we ate. Everything and nothing trying to make time stand still...


To follow the sunset as I took him home back to his everyday. 


Now I am thankful for such indulgence for being able like a historian to archive the moment... 
To freeze and frame it until the day my eyelids can't part.


Happy Midweek Peeps... Stay Sweet!


  1. Sweet sentiments & beautiful photo for my sky obsession. lol

  2. """And we played and we danced and we baked and we ate. Everything and nothing trying to make time stand still..."""

    You Make Your Readers FEEL & Experience & Smile.

    thank you. xxxxxx

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  4. Hi there!
    Happy friday blog hop! I am following you via google friend connect and networked blog. It would be nice if you could follow me back.

  5. Hola~
    I stumbled upon your blog via the Friday Blog Hop. I'm usually leary of these things but decided to give it a try again. I thought I'd pop in for a second, leave a quick comment and then hop away. Well, 40 minutes later I'm still in a fuzz. Your pictures tell it all. Who needs a keyboard when you have a camera? You have a real eye for catching the moment. I'll be back.
    Thanks for letting me in!

  6. What a beautiful post and gorgeous pics! Loved it. I'm a new follower from the FNF Blog Hop!

  7. aw your family are so lovely. I bet it was nice having your boy home for a bit xxx


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