Friday, November 29, 2013


Tonight I am making a toast for you and me...

After three years this blog has become my map and my point of reference to my daily life. Because when I ask myself what did we do last year during the holidays and my answer was I need to look it up on the blog for a hint... it means this space has become pretty important. This is my virtual journal and it includes the many highs and the many lows... And among these entries there are many beautiful places, people and things I've seen and this year is coming to an end. 

I am so thankful for yesterday's feast. The potato salad and the ham. The sweet rolls and the margaritas. For the children that were playing and the adults that gather around the kitchen counter. For the after movie theater outing with three girls that were beautiful and funny. 

After all is said and done... 
After I have finished putting all the Tupperware away what I am most thankful for is... Time. Because I would be nothing without all these moments, people and places...

 photo thanksgiving2013_zps57ae34fc.jpg

Then the night fell and his face was so close to mine and he said... You are just so sweet.
I smiled with my eyes the same way I have done since I was five and I kissed him... 
With my eyes shut I kissed him thinking about the word... Sweet. 

At that moment I felt like vowing to always be sweet but then I thought about boundaries... Thresholds...Thin lines between things and I knew at times we need the spicy just not sweet.

Otherwise he would never have the need to get close to my face and reassure me that... 
I am sweet.

 photo instag_zps20406e71.jpg

Hope you are enjoying the start of this holiday season...


  1. I love your posts and your pictures! Happy Thanksgiving, Adriana! Looking forward to what you'll say next! Reia from

  2. Absolutely loved that last picture of the ball of lights. We piled red and blue lights under our Christmas tree this year instead of a tree skirt - so bright and beautiful! Your family is also beautiful! Love your online journal - thank you for sharing with us!

  3. Your photos brought a huge smile to my face, Adriana. Gorgeous header, btw. Miss you!

  4. I'm always looking back through my archives when I need to remember something... looks like you had a beautiful holiday! I'm loving the new festive header :)

  5. Both loving and hating the holiday season right now. Mostly cause it's the first one without my grandma.

  6. LOOOooVE!!!
    thank you for allowing me to be a very small part of your life, dear. Xxx


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