Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Ramblings...

Today I felt myself falling down to that space within self where it is completely desolate almost in oblivion. You know that space where it is so quiet and only you can reach it. Filled with melancholy I stayed there. Drinking out of the well like a castaway and submissive for some mysterious reason.

Digging deep searching for answers things like the word sacrifice come up.

The real meaning of sacrifice can be quite deep since it is giving up something for someone/thing you love more than yourself. It is this act of unselfishness that can elevate us to feel things at a deeper level and allow us to connect with ourselves and others profoundly. We give and give in hopes we never are depleted but that is never the case.

Not fooled by my youthful appearance I grow impatient.


  1. The photos are very bright and festive ...

  2. Love always grows and grows and grows, never depleting, always regenerating! I want to join you for the drink & cookies in the last picture. I also want to stand in front of the wooden gate-door, then push it open to see what is on the other side. Love to you!

  3. omg those Christmas lights are magical!


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