Monday, September 16, 2013

Country Days…

While I lived in Germany desperate for a job I found work at the Army base at the NCO club. I had two duties, one as a bartender on Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays and a DJ on Tuesdays and Thursdays Nights. I loved my nights as a DJ and I lived for them. I would get lost in the music. I was thousands of miles away from the island where I grew up but music always brought me back home. Music always provided the comfort of sweet and sad memories and I feeling nostalgic would traveled in a trance. I am one of those that wish that could walk and a soundtrack would start playing along. I am one of those that would love life as a musical. I love reading and writing with a lyrical tone hoping you are singing the words along with me.

In Germany was the place where I discovered Country Music, Bluegrass and Folk. Loretta Lynn, Lou Reed, George Strait and Dolly Parton. Garth Brooks, Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and Johnny Cash. Willie Nelson and so many more that I can’t remember and it's no joke after I mention Nelson. I would play Country Music to the men and women serving overseas and I would watch them as they would sing along with pride and enthusiasm. The whiskey shots would flow and the beer mugs would be raised and we would all admit to having friends in low places.

Savannah, GA is where I understood the meaning of Country Music, Bluegrass and Folk. The mountains of Georgia have inculcated a love for the Appalachians, banjo music and the sounds of a good washboard. Drinking out of mason jars and the art of wasting time watching a sunset  has made this Latina a good ole’ Southern girl. Merging my island country ways with that of the Georgia southern living have allowed this headstrong person with much needed healing to return to very simple ways. To live with things that I need not with what I want. The South has transformed me and I forever will be grateful to the South.

To follow images from The Revival Fest in Savannah, GA that was held this past weekend. A modern Low Country Hoe Down…



Held at the Savannah Railroad Museum with an outdoor stage where trains would travel  behind the stage as bands just played their hearts out…









From Savannah, GA wishing you a Happy Monday Y’all.

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And please stay sweet.


  1. You lived in Germany too? You are seriously the most fascinating person ever! xxx

    1. LOL not fascinating roaming like the gnome. xoxo

  2. Gorgeous images! Did you know I learned to square dance in Puerto Rico? lmao #TrueStory

  3. From a fellow transplanted Southern Bohemian (because Belle would be stretching it) I raise my Mason jar filled w/cafe con leche to The South. Porque for sure You ain't just whistlin' La Guantanamera about her beauty. BB2U

  4. Beautiful post and great pictures as always. Is there country music in Spanish?

  5. I love your photographs. Great post!

  6. Great pictures you have an amazing eye!

    -Jai@ Mami's Time Out

  7. Stunning.
    I LOVE coming over here.
    I always feel better when I do, Dear. XXxxxxxx LOVE.
    Superb Music.

  8. I too learned to love country music and bluegrass after a move to the south for a few years. Before that I was a city girl (and in my early 20's) so had no clue what it was. My favorite cassettes (yes I am old LOL) were Garth Brooks, George Straight, Travis Tritt, and Alan Jackson. WOW I just had major flashbacks!!

    Lovely photos as well. I will be following your intstagram so I can see more!

  9. Aw man, that looks like fun. My kiddo and I used to go to a bluegrass festival in South Carolina that was awesome, and in Florida in this one park, they had a folk music jam every single Thursday night. It was awesome! Wish I coulda been there!


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