Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall In Love...

This is officialy the last week of Summer and even in the south-east coast we feel a shift. I sit by a window with my cup of coffee and the newest issue of a girly magazine and I can see a few trees dropping their leaves. The sudden breeze sounds like an emergency broadcast system telling me that summer is slipping through my fingers.  I carefully open the pages of the magazine as if I was browsing through one of the greatest book ever written. The images and the fashion transport me and I am quickly filled with so many words and ideas. Starry eyed and candy cotton minded I begin to sketch a few photography concepts...

My adventures don't seem to come to an end and for that I am incredibly grateful and one of those adventures I wanted to share with you is a  write up Q&A from a local lifestyle blog and beautifully curated website called You're Welcome Savannah. Cedric Smith photographer for You're Welcome took the images and here are a few... Check out the link to read the Q&A and to see the rest of the images.

Photos by Cedric from YWS
For my Nutella lovers I found this recipe we are going to try them this weekend...


   Instagram Freak...

The weekend is upon us and I can't wait to see what's in store for us...

Until then Happy Weekend...and please stay sweet.


  1. Congrats on your interview. You look so beautiful in the photos. It's nice to see your face again.

  2. Love your attitude and positive energy, Sweet Adrianna. XXxxx

  3. 1. you're gorgeous! 2. YUM nutella pie pops.

  4. I love fall but it does seem to last for only about 6 hours here.
    Congrats on your write up! Love the pictures she took of you. Going to go take a peek.

  5. Fall! I'm excited this is when I get more active, I like to be out and moving, the colors, the smells, hayrides!

  6. love that you got written up! you're so beautiful, really. stunning.


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