Monday, August 26, 2013

If you give a girl a dress...

She will want to do something with it...
She might want a new hairdo.
She might want to go out dancing or to a red carpet event. 
She might even want to get married. 
She might want shoes and jewelry to go with it.
She might want a limo ride and champagne. 
She might want to Twerk in it but I decided to create art with the dress. 

A few adventurous girls got together on a Sunday afternoon and created a photo story.
To follow the photo story of a girl inspired by the old graphic novelas I used to sneak and read...They were dramatic and romantic. 

Photography and Editing: Adriana Iris
Model and MUA: Lucia Garcia
Styling:  Ms. M
Production Assistant: Cathy Lou
Location: Savannah, GA
Dress: Faviana


What did the story say as you went along?
What would you do with a beautiful dress other than wear it?

Happy Monday. 


  1. Stunning photos! Wow, you are so talented, Adriana!

  2. Dude this images are stunning!!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the delicate swirls on the bottom!

    1. Thanks Duckie wish you were here so I could do a shoot with you.

  4. Gorgeous photos as always, such a pretty dress and model! And TWERK.

  5. The story told me "I own this dress and these pictures." Confidence, beauty and an amazing photographer! The pictures say that this dress is more than a wedding dress - it can be anything she can imagine it to be. She's too elegant to do something as stupid as twerking.

  6. I always follow the butterfly of course!

    Very true about dresses, I recently talked myself into one not sure where I'd wear it, and then the Universe presented me the perfect occasion!

    Great shots!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  7. Gorgeous photo story! I have a burgundy dress with the same style on the bottom and all I want to do is dance in it and have Manuel twirl me. lol

  8. Beautiful photos! And lovely dress!

  9. heje Shades of BB, her life, her 3 marriages. ; ) Just goes to show that attitude w/a killer dress is true ART. BB2U

  10. Stunning!! Love the dress, the look & pose. Great use of shadows too!!

  11. Stunning. Beautiful. Magical. Classic.

    I love her face observing the butterfly stuck inside the jar.

    She wasn't about to become that butterfly...that's for damn sure!

    I want the dress. I shall walk around the house in it! Xxxxxxx

  12. Gorgeous! I love the dress and the photos with the butterfly!


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