Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mr. Busy...

Mr. Busy and I have been playing around like lovers leaving little time to come here and do what I love the most. Living life to the fullest and working towards my goals plus three kids can be consuming but I have so much coming up from music concerts to fashion shoots and I can't wait to share it all with you.

Instagram Freak...

Before I go... I must tell you that I feel lucky for this space and the people that have become friends in real life. One of those would be the beautiful Kim from My Inner Chick I had to use this space to thank her for my birthday surprise and for being the amazing person she is. We need more warrior goddesses like her.


  1. And the world needs more Bohemian Bellas like you. BB2U

  2. Sweet photos can't wait to see the upcoming ones.

  3. OMGggggggosh,
    is everybody in your family that damn good looking?!! Xxxx LOVE from MN.

    Glad you finally received your package! Loved putting it together for you, Sweets. Xx

  4. Beautiful or funny or just neat, excellent pictures! Isn't Kim 'da bomb? I love her more than hot fudge, and that's saying a lot!!

  5. Miss you, Adri. Looking forward to your holiday posts, too. xoxo


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