Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not Hemingway...

On Monday I was extremely excited and I announced all over Facebook how I was done and over my adobe colored walls in the sun-room. I had found a new color and I bought the Aloe color. A cool, tranquil color that was supposed to relax me into a state of oblivion all while it would make my space airy and jovial. A color that reminded of the ocean at mid-morning in South Beach. A color that held so much promise. I thought of Hemingway and his Key West house and the color seemed to be one of my greatest ideas.

 photo savannah_zpsf5e2b965.jpg

The expectations of the paint color could now be considered as the worst decision I have made thus far in our marriage.  Not only does he hate the color I hate it as well. The room looks cold not cool and sterile not airy. Reminds me of  the operation room I was in during my last C section.

Maybe I should have thought of make up since during the early 80's when I was learning to apply makeup I was boxed in the Autumn category. All shades of orange, bronze, eggplant, gold and yellow. I wanted to be a Winter girl so badly, all cool and collected.  Autumn was assigned to me
by the pages of Cosmo and the color test it had on the pages that season. I took my colors and the season and with much resignation I accepted the hues of the Autumn harvest.

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Now I no longer stand in front of the walls and wonder the many reasons as to why the cool color did not blend in. I, that is a bit more like Hank Moody than Ernest Hemingway. I, the fiery Latina that can longer deny her wild spirit and should express it with warm colors. I no longer pretend to be a Winter or Summer girl.

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I will spend the weekend with those walls in hopes like some say I might grow into it but my decisiveness and stubborn soul knows a thing or two about wait and sees...

In the meantime we blow bubbles, we clean up and spruce up. All in the name and in search of a peaceful lazy summer season even if it doesn't include the color of Aloe.

 photo ladulcevida_zps45c4b745.jpg

So have you ever chosen a hideous color? How did you fix it or did you just live with it?

Happy Midweek.


  1. I can so relate to wanting to be a certain way while denying my real colors. It's so much more beautiful when we embrace our real colors

    I say repaint! xxxxx

  2. The problem lies in not only the color, but in choosing just one. You dear muchachita are an everchanging blast and flash of intense colors. Try a faux paint technique. I can soooo see the crisscrosses of metallic bronze,the earthy reds and browns, going over the elusive aloe. Not a complete coverup, because there are moments of that in your being- whether you acknowledge it or not. ; ) BB2U

  3. I totally get it.
    Maybe you can get some wall decals to spruce it up a little?

  4. Go pick out another one! Or do a mural or the ^^ above mentioned idea. Draw waves on the walls, add in some blues. The ocean is ever changing. I'm a beach girl, my carpet is deep blue, my walls are a green sea foam type color. You have to make it work for you.

  5. lololol Girlie I'm laughing so hard right now. If you want to experience magical shades of jade & sapphire they are waiting down here for you. lolol xoxo

  6. laughing out loud - as always. I fully expected to love the color - too - so am devastated. Just change it! Paint over it! That's what I do :)

  7. I chose a really pretty yellow for the guest bedroom in our first house. I thought it looked "Happy" and it would work well when we decided to turn it into a nursery one day. Only my "Happy" yellow didn't look so happy once it was on the walls - It looked like the yellow on a carmex tube of lip balm.

  8. I would've chosen the color aloe as well ass it always seems so beautiful in magazines! :-(

  9. I would've chosen the color aloe as well ass it always seems so beautiful in magazines! :-(

  10. YES!!! I couldn't live with it. I like bright colors, warm and inviting. Blues and greens - they are so beautiful, but they never seem to work out indoors, or at least not for me. You are a fiery Latina and whether you know it or not (but I suspect you do) the blues and green .. don't mix so well with our heat. Some might, I just have't found one. The best part of paint is that it's easy to cover. Trust one who has had to do this before.

  11. If you don't like the color then change it dude. Life is too short to stare at walls you don't like. Just ask ppl in prison lol! Trial and error.


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