Friday, April 19, 2013

About Sisterhood...

I am supposed to write a post to tell you about the Adelante Movement and what I experienced.  I am supposed to tell you about the very accomplished woman that were there to speak to other women and empower them. Powerful women like Rita Moreno from my island who has won all four major awards the Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and Tony in a sixteen year period. Amazing. Only 11 people have ever accomplished such task.  Nely Galan and Charo were the other speakers and as surreal as it was being a few feet away and talking to Charo the highlight were the women in the room. 

Because women are eager. 
We are eager to grow, develop, market and manufacture it. We are eager to be independent, self sufficient and never desperate. Woman are learning quickly how much we are capable of and we are no longer scared. The women in that room acted instead of reacting. They discovered the courage to learn and grow. 

Most spoke from their heart where they follow their inner guidance and some helped me create a personal vision. The women that sat at my table knew how to resolve conflict. They knew how to stay centered when others might push a button discovering similarities and common grounds in order to cooperate rather than compete.

One night as one of my roommates was typing a post I said to her... If we as women can’t connect with other women, then we will never know ourselves. A sisterhood not only defines relationships with other women but also the relationship she has with herself. Being a woman today is not what it was twenty years ago. Now we are settled into our femininity and able to embrace the tools of both the masculine and feminine energies.  

We are each so complex with so much depth that we now understand we must know ourselves to find our place. Once we have that clear picture and understanding of our true selves we find our identity allowing us to be a part of the biggest sisterhood that lies within self. Recognizing the struggles of other women lets us see the human nature of it all and enables us to listen and experience without any judgement.

I have found that with a little help from my friends, their wisdom, experience, wit and insight I am taking a step closer towards a greater vision of what I can be.

Do you have women that inspire you in your life?

Thanks Coca-Cola for the opportunity to grow and learn.
Thanks to the Adelante movement for helping this girl get to Miami.

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  1. Not in my day-to-day life. But ... there are women whose works I've read and others who I don't know all that but read their writings (such as yours) who inspire. I am one of those people who keeps herself and inside of her mind (don't worry Im not a shut it, but selective with whom I invest in and honestly, it's harder these days to be a social butterfly, a working mom, writer, and goddess) I have met a few over the years and cherished that time, but not in recent years. BTW, sounds like a fantastic conference.

  2. Inspiration comes from happiness, and all the women in this post have provided me much, pero mucho happiness. Gracias for the wonderful memories and looking forward to making more w/ Las Muchachitas. BB2U

  3. I am inspired by the women I know personally. In high school, I had a handful of female friends. We could talk to each other about our secrets and problems that we were having, (and I didn't have worry that they will gossip about it to everyone they knew) and I always knew they would tell me an honest answer if I asked for it. Those same girls are now women and mothers and it seems I can still go to them if I need to vent. I am glad you had some time to get inspired! Miami is a beautiful place.

  4. Every person comes into our lives to teach us a lesson and I continue to learn from my sisters every day.

  5. Having relationships based on love and honesty, really helps us get a better understanding of ourselves, we actually can see ourselves though others peoples eyes. Sometimes it's tough, but i am so glad i have had these type of relationship cause thanks to them i have been able to correct myself, to evolve and to become little by little into the person i really want to be.

  6. So many wonderful memories in all these pictures! Og I love theeeeee Oh I miss theeee ;) Can you come over to se meeee? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and more xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

  7. amiga, me encanto este post. there are many women that inspire me, they come from all walks of life.

    the photos are beautiful :) it was awesome finally getting to meet you!! BESITOS!!

  8. Looks like you had a great time!I really hope I can go to a conference someday.

  9. Can't believe the week came and went so fast. So much more I wanted to say, do and see. Sending you a huge sisterly hug. xoxo


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