Monday, March 18, 2013

In The Meantime...

The weekend went by and I kept fertilizing all of these dreams that I am trying to turn into reality. I am hungry and ready to work hard. I am focused and have kept so much restrain. Trying to keep myself tamed I dig my fingers into the earth and I plant.

 photo IMG_0061_zps2efcac86.jpg

I open the ground with my own hands. I let my hands get real dirty and I wish...
I wish as if I was Jack and his Beanstalk. I pray for growth and development.
I tell myself little rhymes as I sow each seed.
Little rhymes that become prayers to all nature folk and spirits.
I let the earth ground me and guide me... I let the soil heal my soul.

Because I want it all...

 photo IMG_0072_zps7fa63598.jpg

I want to be home but I want to conquer the world.
I want you in my arms but at times I feel its too close.
I want to be lost but in your bed where the sun rises.

 photo IMG_0070_zpse486d493.jpg

In the meantime I continue to snap pictures that paint some of the things I see.
In the meantime I will tap these keys...

 photo IMG_0060_zpse38356b8.jpg

Have a great new week peeps...

 photo IMG_0065_zpsae404415.jpg


  1. Those photos makes me wish spring would hurry up here. I know that feeling so well the gap between longing for your dreams and enjoying what you have right now. I know it well...

  2. Nice garden. Gotta have that cilantro in stock.

  3. love - love cilantro. the first picture conjures up memories of cilantro pesto i made ages ago. and i'm sitting here drinking coffee and listening to your tunes as if i don't have to be on morning duty in 42 minutes 7 seconds. i feel a book of poems here. enjoy the gardening. and those around you.

  4. "I want to be home but I want to conquer the world."

    With posts like this one mujer that's exactly what you're doing. In plain Cuban- te lo comistes. BB2U

  5. This is absolutely beautiful and your poetry speaks for many I'm certain of it. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your photos are amazing and I love this music.. This is a great place to hang out.. Thank you for making it so.. Oh, and when I begin my garden I always start with thoughts of thanksgiving..


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