Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ready... Set... Go...

The past few days have been spent reading the biography of Simone de Beauvoir, eating too many sweets and organizing. I have provided my space with the attention it needed. Now it's time I do the same for myself.

I will dye the white hair that has grown out giving away my age and polish the nails that gives away the amount of cooking and washing I do. After these few days I am ready for a bit of art, eccentricity, electricity and unpredictability. I am ready for some adult interaction and dark lipstick.

I am ready for some new ideas to challenge and question my reality.  I am ready for a pair of shoes that are not worn for comfort and sensibility. I am ready for a top that I would not be caught wearing during sunlit hours.I am ready for a night of dancing where my makeup is retouched in a crowded bathroom.

 I am ready for a storm.

Instagram Freak...

Happy Weekend...


  1. Lovely photography :) and surly i love the cat :)
    So amazing
    I hopped here from the Blog she:Happy friday blog hop
    I followed you hope you will visit me to return the favor.

  2. I love this post and your pics are awesome. Blog hopping from You Like Me!

  3. I'm with you sweetie! I want to go out and party. I love your cat =]

  4. I LOVE your words, dark lipstick, small storms...
    and that black panther is AMaaaazing.

    Just like YOUUUUUUU. Xxxx

  5. Love this post. I see you poised and ready for great things! Get on those uncomfortable shoes and dance! xxx

  6. Hello,
    I am here from "You like me!" Friday blog hop. So glad I found your blog. I have read a few of your posts and i am smitten by your truth and womanly willpower. I hope to be visiting often. Be happy.

  7. You so need to go dancing.
    I love the kitty he is so cute! Hope to see you soon
    Magical Miniature Gardens


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