Monday, February 25, 2013

About Sacred Spaces...

There's a spot in my house, in my living room, where the sofa sits by a window to the front of the house and I have spent countless hours there.
Nursing babies, writing, eating, talking, drinking.
This is the recount of what I've seen this weekend and it will come to you from right here...
My favorite place in the world.

Friday I did what I had set out to do.
I found art, adult conversation, a crowded bathroom and plenty of eccentricity.

 photo savannah2_zps10c10256.jpg
Heavy Metal Fashion Show. Pieces made out of metal. Reminded me of my old project.

Between downpours of rain and one day of sun I reconnected with my almost teen searching through things that are old but new to us.

We daydream...

 photo clouds_zps110ce3bb.jpg

 photo vintagefrance_zps29b7e226.jpg

I go there with her and she shares her future plans and the things that make her uneasy.
I don't judge... I listen. It is not only easier but the right thing to do.

 photo Maia_zpsd07797b8.jpg

 photo birdhouse_zps3871cca8.jpg

Don't let them dull your sparkle I reaffirm...

 photo vintageglassglitter_zpse39d8464.jpg

Savannah you are so beautiful and I wish I could write poems, songs even sonnets about you.

 photo sunday_zps5ded2be1.jpg

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

 photo adrianairis_zpsfefe48ce.jpg

Happy Monday.


  1. So refreshing to see someone who loves where they live and what they're living. You inspire me mujer while helping me relive the blessed past. Gracias. Abrazos y BB2U

  2. Ah que lindo, I know that spot. xo
    I'm loving these photos. There's a warmth to them.


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