Friday, January 11, 2013

Mind, Body and Soul...

My boy left on Monday and with his departure he took a piece of my heart.
I am being honest and I am not exaggerating when I say this.


As I watched his car leave the driveway and into the middle of the road I kept waving goodbye and blowing kisses. My chubby arm has more strength than I previously thought of and like a beauty queen in procession I kept on waving until his brake lights had disappeared with his turn. I stood there whispering a thousand and one prayers for his safety and another thousand and one more for his safe return.

Once I knew he was completely gone out of my 50 mile radius I swear I heard it...
No I swear I felt it... Like a really quick stone skipping across a pond or heat lighting during the summer months quickly and quietly I felt my heart take off in flight.

The many attempts for a group picture.

By Tuesday morning I woke up with a fever and a sore throat. My body ached and the fatigue was consuming. Wednesday came all so clear to me that with every action there is a reaction. That with such sadness my body had experienced I had opened the door of vulnerability and let all my shields down left my self defenseless.

Follow me on Instagram  FAQ. What filter and or editor do you use for your IPhone Pics? Afterglow.

It is now Friday and it has taken me this long to feel a bit more human. I am returning slowly.

Our very late Christmas Picture for our Families. :)

Happy weekend my friends for now I must run ...
Netflix and a sexy husband holding a cup of soup are awaiting.


  1. This is my favorite post ever in the history of blogging. I will be in your shoes one day not to far away when my little man becomes a big boy. Just to think about it makes me miss him already.

    You look so beautiful in those pictures. I see you are all wearing pijamas, and if that is the way you look when you wake up I hate you. The family photos are post card worthy.

    I see

  2. I hope you feel better sweetie! I just got my flu shot today!
    I also wanted to tell you that I understand and loved this post so much! As a mom to three daughter who have all taken flight and flew away...I understand but, the part of your post where you talked about your heart....well my middle daughter, her husband and my little bitty grandson moved all the way to Vienna, Austria 6 months ago, and I actually felt my heart break...for days I walked around on the edge of a cliff feeling as if I might tumble over. It gets does. I am here for you if you need someone! I am off to find you on instagram too!:)

  3. Ohhh, this breaks my heart. And I believe you are exactly right. Maybe your body knew the sadness and acted out with a flu for you to keep you quiet and rested. After such an emotional upheaval, it obviously affects us physically too.
    I dread the day my daughter leaves for university.
    beautiful pics!

  4. You look great, Adriana. I'm sorry you got sick and hope you're up and around this Monday morning. My heart hurts for you that you find yourself without your baby. I dread that day. Un abrazo fuerte.

  5. hey girl, i know what youre feeling :( on the other hand...I really want a copy of the last guys looks so beautiful it hurts my eyes!!!

  6. My heart hurts for you! Even though my little one isn't yet three, I often think about the fact that one day he'll leave, and it breaks my heart even still. Beautifully said, as always, friend!

  7. ***No I swear I felt it... Like a really quick stone skipping across a pond or heat lighting during the summer months quickly and quietly I felt my heart take off in flight***

    Oh,I feel this inside my bones. Superb writing.

    Love Love Love Xx


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