Monday, October 10, 2011

Step By Step...

My blog entry and the account of  events that transpired did not change anything globally or universally.
It did not help Wall Street, The White House or the war in the middle east.
Did not change our climate, temperature and or barometric pressure or helped in anyway with the ozone layer. This event had nothing to do with the rainforest or any animals that might be endangered.
Nothing of astrological magnitude happened either.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

No it did not...

The event that transpired probably is of little relevance to you or others...
It did not make the earth shake or sky rumble...
No sirens or alarms were set off because of this simple event...
But these unique events and the mundane are the moments that define my life  our lives...
A perfect series of serendipitous moments and events that make up our simple but yet complex lives.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

My girl took her first few steps...
It was slow and beautiful.
It was slow and well crafted.
Beautiful is the work we do when we carefully strand by strand weave our web...
In this case step by step...
With purpose and intention.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Our weekend was all about home and each other. There were many invitations and parties to go to
but life decided that we would stay in cooped up in our nest. We obliged.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Welcome new followers and a big thanks to 2 Gitanas for giving us an award. I found Farah while traveling the web and I fell in love with her pictures and her fashion sense check her out.

Happy Monday!


  1. Aww yay for her first steps! I remember how happy and excited I was when my son took his first steps. Now he runs away from me! LOL.

  2. Oh, those first, sweet steps! Pat yourself on the back for capturing them here in photos and description. My granddaughter is 15 months, but not yet walking. I so look forward to watching her take hers!

    Yes, these are the moments to savor and treasure, these are the ones where we truly feel alive!

    Thanks for this uplifting post!


  3. Ahhh, that is so awesome! Totally loved the pictures and music.

  4. First steps are most definitely part of some of the best moments in life. Beautiful post.

  5. What awesome pictures!

    New follower here from the Tiggerific Tuesday Hop
    Hope you can stop by and follow back.
    I am following you via GFC, Networked Blogs and on FB.
    Have a blessed Tuesday.

  6. yay for your big girl. 1st steps are big!

  7. Cherishing...she is so cute, a heart breaker...Lovely.

  8. yay first step!!! it is massive!...and you know now you mention it, maybe I did feel a little rumble coming from your side of the pond ;)

  9. Hey Adriana, I'm stopping by from the Take Three Tuesday hop. I started following you a while back and I didn't see you on my followers list. Sometimes comments are missed so I thought I would invite you again. If you are already following I apologize. Thanks:)

  10. So sweet!!! The Sweet Life, indeed.

  11. Great photos...the fun always begins when they learn to walk. :)

  12. YAY! What an accomplishment.


    You always move me. You shake the universe of souls. X

  13. What a beautiful moment to witness... It's enough to bring a tear to your eye. Of course it's a BIG deal, celebrate it and smile.
    Gorgeous photos of your little girl... Mischeivious and pretty.
    Jennie. X

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  15. What a milestone! I'm sure you are a proud moma :)
    Thanks for dropping by yesterday. I don't know how I missed this beautiful blog??? Have found it now and will be back :)

  16. Felicidades, Mia! Precious memories, Adriana. We never forget those first steps. xoxo

  17. So sweet...There is nothing like the things that a child does that so touches out lives...
    Stopped by on the Wobble over Wed. Hop... followed on GFC...


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