Friday, December 3, 2010

Cinco... Five

Tomorrow Mia turns 5 months old and this my friends is what I live for. What feeds and soothes my soul. You can't stay sad or mad for long around her. She is funny and she knows it. One thing we are still having issues with is... Veggies.
The newest of I don't like this veggie business face...

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

We are trying to get into the holiday spirit and we must because it is her 1st winter.
He sees me when I am sleeping... and he knows if I am awake...
So I will be good for goodness sake.This weekend we will start the decorating, bedazzling and fancying up our home. The 1st of Mia's ornament was given to us by a good friend and if you look close at the picture you can see her in the reflection.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Thanks Cathy!
I would also like to thank each one of you for all the love and support through this tough times. I never knew when I began my posts that anyone would read these and the show of love through email, Facebook and the blog itself are overwhelming. Thank you because kindness, love and understanding always prevails keeps me hopeful and optimistic.

adrianairis La Dulce Vida

Have a great weekend and stay sweet...


  1. She's just beautiful and those pictures are priceless! Great job capturing her expressions. :)

  2. HAHA look at that face xD so adorable and hilarious.

    i saw one of those ornaments at target the other day. we bought one for my sister and her new baby :)

  3. jaja Sorry amiga but I'm with Mia on this one. Some of those baby food flavors taste like yuck! heehee

    I used 2 mix the veggies together with the yummy fruity ones so it wouldn't be so bad 4 both my sugarcubes. ;)


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