Tuesday, October 5, 2010


the inability to sleep at night.

i can sleep just not during moonlit skies. some may call themselves vampires, insomniacs, restless, for such behavior, i think i am just a lover of the night skies, the stars, the constellations, the stillness, the silence, and what it provides… the creative ideas that pop up and the endless possibilities that i seem to find during this magical time.

although one might think walking around with no sleep is a tad depressing i think is nirvana when i can quiet my mind and just allow the muses to flow through and challenge me with new thoughts and ideas. this “insomnia” sucks to others but to me is heaven…my temple… my sacred space… my twilight… is almost a religious experience… one that i feel i am minimizing by talking about it. some women struggle in finding that place of silence and wake up a few hours earlier every morning just to get that quiet time i so highly speak of….it does not work for me.

sunlight equals life… moonlight equals create…at least in my universe.

so, when do i find time to sleep? these days sleep is less and less because there are endless things i want to do and take care of.

right now is 2am and i am washing a load of laundry while i type and download pictures… wake up to send one to school and then i sleep mid morning when the little goes down for her nap. when i wake up at almost lunch time with the little one... we stretch, look at the sun and begin for a second time our brand new day. i believe this gives us an advantage that not many have… we have a couple of sunrises and sunsets and a couple of moonrises and moonsets all in one 24 hour period…this my friends makes my life sweeter…and “insomnia” never sounded better… in the dictionary this is the picture they have next to the meaning of sleeping like a baby…

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    WOW IS ALL I can say :)
    How very blessed!

  2. Yes my little one... I am very blessed indeed.

  3. Such a beauty! Insomnia is hard. Sometimes I find the more tired I get the worse I sleep - it's like even when I try I'm waiting for our children to cry out, which keeps me awake, and then my mind races with what needs to be done... good luck with that!

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  5. What a beautiful shot, so adorable!

    Following from Blog Frog, nice to meet ya! :-)

  6. Absolutely adorable baby!! What a great site you have, too. Good work.

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  7. I also have insomnia, especially when I travel. Love the sleeping baby... adorable!

    Following you from SITS!

  8. Such a precious baby! Is that your baby? Thanks for following. Glad I found you too. You're right we do share the same title, I didn't even realize haha.

  9. Oh my - I am so alike in that I always battle bouts of insomnia. The biggest challenge is that I want to stay up all night and create, but need to get up and get a family on track the next day.

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  10. New follower from Blog Frog. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Would love for you to visit me at Savings Corner (http://www.savingscorner.org)

  11. It's a good thing our children get such restful sleep since we never have enough time to sleep. I'm passing by from Blog Frog and leaving my footprints. I would love to add you to my followers!

  12. Hi hun! Stopping in and following from BlogFrog :)

  13. What a precious little one. I'm a new follower from blogfrog, looking forward to reading more.



  14. I am absolutely a night owl. People have a hard time relating. I think it's part of my ADD. I've never in my entire life been a morning person. I get more done at night than during the day. =)

    ~Mimi from BlogFrog

  15. I headed over from Blog Frog! Great blog...your photos are beautiful! You are very talented! And I love the background music :)

  16. TY all for such kind words will be making the rounds and addin each one of you...I will follow.


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