Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Song to the Siren...

From my About Page
I was born on an enchanted island at the shores of the Caribbean Sea. 
Where I weaved seashells and starfish into my hair.
Dreaming of mermaids, pirates and Undines. 
I played under the hot sun close to the equator and underneath 
many waterfalls for most of my childhood... 
I danced to African drumbeats underneath the moonlit skies... 
Under the rain forest canopy I fell in love for the first time.
Now, I live where the sun rises on the coast of Georgia.
Because the ocean is a part of me and who I am... 
Close to the horizon I wish to be. 

My interconnection with the ocean is organic neither trite or cynical. There are days when I crave the salty taste on my lips like some crave a piece of cake. As a child, I swore I could hear Yemaya calling me from the inside of the many seashells and waves that I played in. I ate sea grapes under many palm groves pretending to be the queen of it all. There... on the groves... the pirates would try to take my land which I would defend fiercely with the same machete that would help me drink my coconut water. 

When I became a women my walk would try to mimic the sway and way of the palm trees on a windy afternoon. Those same palm trees would serve as my bed while I would read poetry to my beloveds. I drank many bottles of Lambrusco underneath them and  received many kisses. The ocean is part of me and who I am...

Song to the Siren...

Photography:  Adriana Iris

Model:  Amy H.
MUA:   Maia Luna
Location:  Ocean

Thanks Amy H. You are magic...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Amy may be magic (and she is) but her photographer is beyond that. You take things to a supernatural level sometimes. The power of the eye and the lens - phew.

  2. Soooo dreamy and luscious! I think you do grow up connected to where you are from. I grew up in a place called the Forest of dean which of course is surrounded by trees. I feel so connected to trees like you the ocean xxx

  3. Stunning.
    I want to be there. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Adriana, beautiful photos and words. <3

  5. Loving the dreamlike quality of these photos.

  6. I love these, but I'm bias by the mermaid in me.


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