Saturday, March 29, 2014

About Brigid...

I am moving through life inspired by everything and anything. There is a lack of arrogance on the things that will move and inspire me. My work continues to use the trees as the platform and frame to so many images that I dream up in my head.  They stand like soldiers and as the perfect props for my creations.  As a child I would climb an acerola tree and nap. From there I would also spy on my childhood crush when he would visit his grandmother in the summertime. Growing up on an island with a tropical rain forest will do things to you and your imagination. 

So I continue tip-toeing to edge of this page just to show you the latest images I created with some good friends. Inspired by fairies, Ireland, Brigid of the Celts, the woodland and the baptismal powers of a river and in search of atonement.

Brighid of Gael

Photography- Adriana Iris
Model, MUAH- Jacqueline H.
PA's - Cathy Lou, Anita N.
Location- Gael

Thanks again Jacqueline for being an amazing muse and inspiration.

In the meantime you can also find me at Do Savannah this week with a piece for a column I just started writing and contributing named Homegrown Savannah. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please... Stay Sweet!


  1. These are beautiful!!! The lighting, the location, everything came out perfect. Amazing. Simply amazing.

  2. Very flowy and fairy like ... love

  3. breathtaking.

    you take my breath away, A. xxxx

  4. That HAIR!!! It is so beautiful and fits this idea and scene perfectly! She is a wonderful fairy-type only better! Like Kim said - breathtaking!!

  5. So amazing! I too find i'm often drawn to photographing trees, they are linked to my childhood memories in much the same way xxx


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