Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Days...

While the north is getting pounded by snow it rained all weekend in Savannah. Grey cold and dreary... So I lit up all the Xmas lights in the dark day and it helped as a sort of lighthouse slash guiding light. 

As of lately being busy is part of the norm. Like the Summer seasons my nights are shorter and my days so much longer. I am embracing all of it with much patience and tolerance for all things I can't control. Many big emotions that at times do not translate into paragraphs. I have been meaning to condense all these thoughts that are written in random pieces of papers and  in bits of voice recorded memos on my phone so I can jot them here.

The weather could not hindered date night plans these days date night also incorporates a bit of work but it is a dance that we are learning to quickly follow as we all grow, change and evolve in our family dynamics. I went out and witnessed another country hoedown. I am far away from my Island's holiday music but this music also comes from the mountains. The Guiro has been replaced by a washboard and  El Cuatro has been replaced by a Banjo but nonetheless it is folk music. Music written, performed and played by and for the people. 

I also found Waldo while I was out...

I also had a visit with Santa...

Next up is cleaning and clearing... I will be celebrating the Winter Solstice at the house with some friends will be making some of my Puerto Rican Egg Nog will make sure to snap a few pictures.

Until then go ahead and try some...

Happy Monday...


  1. #1- So glad you found Waldo! I've been so concerned. Heehee

    #2- I want to make that eggnog! Yum!

    #3- as always, great post and full of gorgeous photos, Adriana!

  2. I'm not an egg nog girl, but I can admit that drink looks tasty! also love the Waldo sighting :)

  3. Hola muchachita! Love the header pic and love how you're embracing life and the fact that the only thing we CAN control is our attitude. And I love yours. BB2U and holiday hugs to you and yours.

  4. Haaaaa,, Waldo!

    The drink looks AMAZING. Xxx

  5. lol in the UK we call him Wally, where's Wally? which seems kind of mean lol


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