Thursday, December 19, 2013

About Yoga...

The first time I ever engaged in the practice of Yoga it made me sick. Literally. I threw up all over the place after my first session. Some said that I was purging, cleansing and releasing. I said to myself nothing has ever kicked me in the ass in such way and I want to know why. I went back to another class in search of meaning and understanding. I went back to it completely submissive and I became obsessed with all the mysteries that Yoga holds.     

I thought Yoga was nothing but a series of movements since it is all we are ever exposed to. Yoga is far more complex. There is Raja Yoga, Raja means royal and it means meditation which is the main focus of this path. Bhakti the path of devotion, Karma our paths and that of service. Tantra which is actually a pathway to ritual which includes consecrated sexuality. I understood that Yoga was all about life and I went on to train and became a Yogi. I even taught some free Yoga classes for a short period of time in the search of some karma points. I also learned everything about sacred geometry and spirals...

I am now convinced that the act of creation took place in form of a spiral. It seems my whole life has been nothing but a series of spirals. Moving in circles yet never reaching the same point. That circle is never closed and never open and we only end up visiting neighboring areas. 

My spiral brought me here today so I could take some images of Daniele. My spiral brought me here with a clear understanding of what yoga is and what it feels like. The colors I saw and felt through my transformation and rebirth. The colors I saw as I plucked each one of the petals on my divine path in a magical lotus flower. I feel today I can honestly and with enough experience document and capture Yoga.


Model: Daniele B.
Hair: Kim Swann
Clothing:  Plank  , Wellicious, Onezie, Hyde Yoga, Splits 59 and Nina B. Roze.
Photography: Moi.
Location: Shangri La
Birds, Golden Light and Skies: Mother Nature.

Happy almost weekend...


  1. Very interesting I know nothing about yoga. Your description makes it sound magical.

  2. Nice photos! Also check this great yoga routine

  3. Yes Yoga will WOOP your butt. I always thought it was just a way to stretch yourself but it's incredible for strength building. Now although I still do more weight lifting (I'm a guy) but I love meditating 20 minutes a day. Thanks for sharing Adriana and Namaste indeed :)

    1. Namaste thanks for leaving us a comment.

  4. wow I kind of want to do yoga...

  5. Nice photos.All the Yoga poses are easy but effective.


  6. not sure how i missed these but love love love them x

  7. Beautiful I love yoga I need to start doing it again I feel so much better when I do.

  8. Wow beautiful photos. Your words & images totally make me want to get back into yoga, and truly embrace it this time.


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