Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Unkindness...

As I was falling asleep last night I thought of a great way to start this post but now it is morning light and I can't remember what it was all about. I have scheduled many shoots with many models and work has been keeping me from sharing what once was my daily life. When the blog began words dominated each one of these pages. Thoughts and ideas were shared through words because I could not find the time and space to work on my photography. Now all of these images leave me silent.  I could tell you look at the following photography series and make your own mind as to what they mean to you but I must tell you what inspire me to make the headdress used for this shoot. 

I was blocked simply stating the muses had left my side. I have abandonment issues and if you are new to the blog the about page might give you clues as to why I have such issues. Angry with each one of my muses for leaving me in the dark I fell asleep... 
I fell asleep and I dreamed...

I dreamed of a flock of ravens. Later I found out the proper name to a flock of ravens is an unkindness. These birds were flying in unison until one of them broke from the flock. That one raven flapped its wings so quickly that each feather began to fall off its body leaving nothing but a the skeleton of such bird with nothing but a few feathers while it flew. I woke up right there and went to work. The muses had not abandoned me after all. They just decided like so many times past to speak to me through my dreams.

Dreamland Nation...

Model & MUA: Candace P.
Photography, Dress & Headdress: Adriana Iris

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and happy new week.


  1. your new photographs are fantastic - like little stories, or movies. i'm determined to find out where the inspiration is coming from! and as always so inspired by your beautiful space x

  2. Stunning photos as always, Adriana. I am so glad that your muses did not leave you and you are amazing!

  3. I'm thrilled to watch your evolution as photographer. You are an artist constantly telling stories through words and imagery. A photo which tells a story is perfection of style. Great works!

  4. you photos lately (and always) blow me away xxx

  5. Very interesting. An unkindness of ravens and a murder of crows. Why do these poor birds get such a bad rap? Ha,ha. What you did with the inspiration is nothing short of brilliant.

  6. That headdress - I'm speechless. Totally so. I don't like ravens although they are dramatic. They, along with crows, destroy so much around here. But worse, they change the pretty birds away.


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