Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We are all mad here...

In a world that to me is so complicated I try to make sense of it all by creating pictures. I want to get lost in the worlds and places I create. My images and dreams are my escape from the boundaries of modern day world. Inspired by yet another childhood story on a Sunday morning we got together and created some art.

Like the Cheshire Cat...
I am here and not there.
I am gone but already found. 
I am mad and not afraid to say it.
I am not threatened and keep a grin on my face.

                           Cheshire Cat

Bird: Ralph The Bird
Model: Amy H.
MUA: Deedee
PA: Cathy Lou
Pyrotechnic: Ms. M
Dress and Mask: Vintage
Jewelry: Adriana Iris

Hope you are having the sweetest week ever...


  1. So amazing, I wish I was making art with you!!!

  2. Awesome! Love these images. The really convey emotion and story.

  3. Stunning.
    Lets make pictures and poetry together :) xxxxx LOVE from Me to you.

  4. Beautiful, stunning, simply gorgeous! I love your dream series! And I know I said it on FB but I love her hair!

  5. These photos capture my imagination!


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