Sunday, October 13, 2013

The return to the motherland...

Once a year I get to experience the flavors, sounds and music from the motherland. Once a year I return to the things I know best. I see my face in their faces. I hear my lullabies in the music. My feet begin to tap because I recognize those beats. I have rhythm because my mother would sway from side to side when she would hear those same beats as she carried me in her womb. It's the language and the way my tongue moves as the words come out like a song. I am proud of the vibrant colors, the strength and beauty that my Latin people carry within wherever they go. 

From Savannah GA in the south of the United States, I share with you images of different cultures that are so complex and intricate yet united by a common language. Fiesta Latina 2013.

Hope your weekend was nothing but sweet...


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, looks so great.

  2. Gorgeous vibrant photography. My fav is the dancer in green.

  3. try that again!

    Dude I cant even begin to describe how good these photos are. You are on fire lately! xxx


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