Monday, June 24, 2013

Guiding Light...

Saturday morning I woke up with the morning light pouring in through my windows as if marking a perfect path towards my bathroom so I could get out of bed and go get ready. Because I am all about signs. I look for them continuously. From the clouds that the cream forms in my coffee to the clouds up in the skies. I look for signs that guide me.  The plan?  Pick up a friend and go to a music festival.
Dressed in delicate lace and gauze two barefooted girls packed a car and went off...

 photo music1_zpsc36c380d.jpg

 photo festival_zpsbee03b25.jpg

Because I am all about that sunlight and I bathe in it like Cleopatra swam in milk. I love each season but I am a girl that needs the sun. Closest to the equator I need to be. The sunlight washes me clean. Nothing like purelight to disperse all the ghosts. The breeze kept kissing me like my lover's hands and we drank water infused with berries until we felt it was appropriate to consume the spiked lemonade,
which by a democratic vote was 12:30 pm

 photo musica_zpse31356af.jpg

 photo music_zps115db267.jpg

We debated music as if searching for the meaning of life.
Because music moves me it stirs my soul it is a language that only my ears have mastered and I want my body, my fingers to follow through. I want to play all of this melancholy out of me, to strum it on the guitar or maybe the piano keys. I want to write songs filled with hope but also anger and desperation. That's my problem I want so many things.

 photo music3_zps26ceb37e.jpg

 photo fish_zps23cb22c4.jpg

Restless at the witching hour I decide to return home and now I am welcomed by the light of a full moon lighting up the backyard. Teased by the wind all day I run into my lover's arms.

Instagram freak...

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Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh my sweet goddess it looks like you had a wonderful time! I need that kind of a day soon. Thankfully its almost Ren Faire time!

  2. love barefooted girls / fruit infused water / spiked lemonade / signs / clouds in morning coffee / and you my friend

  3. Great my experience, visiting an outdoor festival is never wasted time. :)

  4. hello there :). Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am happy to meet you :). i love the picture of the mother and her baby, so beautiful

  5. Gorgeous photos! My fav is the dude with the dog on his shoulders.

  6. Hey there! Here from the Facebook Blog Hop and just wanted to let you know I liked your Facebook page! I hope you'll get a chance to check me out also! You can find me here:



    Have a great night :o)



  7. ***That's my problem I want so many things.***

    This is one of the reasons you are PASSIONATE about many things, A.

    I love the photos, words, images, smells, the sun upon my face...
    & I absolutely adore the photo with the dog wrapped around the man. Superbly Beautiful, Soft, and oh-so- sweet.

    Xxxx LOVE.


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