Saturday, June 29, 2013


Because words like... Speakeasy, burlesque, bohemian, club soda, lounge, scotch, vaudeville make me smile and fill my soul with nothing but pure naught. And if you asked me to describe myself as a genre my answer to you would be Cabaret. To understand Cabaret you must understand Burlesque since it predates such but in the end Burlesque became Vaudeville to then be recognized as Cabaret in the USA during the 1920's. A mixture of the drama, satire, dance, fire breathing from Vaudeville while containing some of the Burlesque aspects of Europe.

Last night I attended such a show and here are my images...

So there you have it a dose of the wild side. 

From Savannah GA signing off... 

Have a great weekend and please stay sweet.


  1. Your photos are amazing! I never knew there was such night-life as this in Savannah. It actually looks extremely entertaining.
    Thanks for sharing, Adriana!

  2. these photographs are STUNNING!!! again you've captured something so Parisian here in your lighting & mood. Wish I were there xx

    1. I bloom where planted... I love Paris... Then I find it. ;)

  3. amazing your life seems so romantic and beautiful xxx

  4. Stunning photography, Adriana. Looooove the black and whites. <3


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