Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About Age...

Yesterday was tough... 

Yesterday my middle child went in for a tonsillectomy and you would think that it was something really serious by the way I was acting. My intensity and emotional self can be at times detrimental to the cause. I say at times because there has been times when my intensity have saved us from certain situations. Now here I am... Quickly justifying my manic ways to you just like I justify them to the husband since I was taught to be polite. 

I thought with age my emotions would settle and the intensity would turn its volume way down. I thought peaceful wisdom would come through, one that was innate and within.  I thought that after birthing three kids dealing with tough situations would be a thing of the past. I thought that I, cool and collected, would take on each task in a state of calmness. That I would deal with tough times in a state of nirvana. 


Age has brought more awareness to those that wish to judge and not accept. Age has given me less tolerance to self imposed ignorance. Age has provided me with confidence and the gift of honesty. The fact that many don't know what to do when faced with truth is no longer my problem or issue.  Age has also taught me to be loyal and love so deeply. 

Am I blissfully challenged by such cynicism I asked myself.  

Truth is... age has provided me the freedom to speak up and say what I want and need without denying self love. Age has brought me the ability to remove toxic people and those with an arrested development to not influence the outcome of my days. While I am open to show how intense and emotional I can be, I hope others come as they are and be accepting of me. If not? I love myself enough to provide you with my gift of honesty. 

Will be back soon with more in the meantime...


1. What are you listening to this summer? 
Obsessed with the music of Haim. 
Song now playing with this post is Haim.
Sounds like summer and makes this girl happy.
Also The Helio Sequence.

2. Can we see the top of the chair and the pictures of Baby M pasted?

3. Favorite Summer Cocktail?


The Italian Citrus Margarita
2 parts Patron Tequila or you can use Sauza Gold Tequila
1 part Triple Sec
1 part DiSaronno Amaretto
1 part Lime Juice
Salted rim
Lime and orange wedges for garnish

Continue enjoying the summer we are having sundaes for dinner (pecans and bananas are healthy) in honor of the tonsillectomy. 


  1. That was a brilliant post. What I've enjoyed about my evolution, and maturity, is how I don't care what others think. My time is precious and I can't be bothered with idle chit chat. I am selective and make no excuses.

    Music: I have eclectic tastes. Today I am gone on an old timer, Roy Orbison. I loved his ranges. You should hear me 'try' singing along. Hysterial.

    1. I think you are sweet to call it brilliant. AS much as I admire you.

  2. I just discovered Haim a few weeks ago. Love them!

  3. Sending well wishes to M. xoxo

    Lately I've been listening to a lot of cumbia music. Something about the accordion I had never paid attention to before until now.

    1. The accordion is so punk rock if you don't believe me listen to Gogol Bordello. ;)

  4. aw I would be emotional too, they are our babies forever after all xxxx

  5. Age truly has its benefits. Like you, I've learned to shut out the toxic and welcome the positive persons/situations in my life. I look forward to each day as an opportunity to grow spiritually and knowledgeably.
    Wonderful post, Adriana! I loved your photos, too.
    Oh, and I might just have to take you up on that ice cream thing. :)
    Happy and blessed summer to you!

    1. That is probably the best advice I've given. More ice cream.

  6. ---you've aged beautifully, my dear. I understand what you mean about all of that emotion about your children. I can honestly say I was a bit nutso when my boys were small.

    What am I listening to: I never tire of Adele or Nora Jones! Xxxx

  7. So happy when you come see me. xox


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