Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday In Savannah...

We went for brunch and a walk in downtown Savannah, GA. The air told us soon rain would be approaching but I have gotten to know Savannah's finicky self and her moods. Close to twenty years living with her and you get to know these things. I knew the wind was saying later in the afternoon I will sprinkle some on you but wait until tomorrow that is when I am really going to show you some downpours. So I trusted her signs and asked for a seating outside at my favorite place for breakfast and brunch in Savannah, GA. J. Christopher's

 photo magnolia_zpsd7625c72.jpg

Underneath the shade of the Magnolia and Oak trees we sat. The Spanish Moss hangs from them as if they were waving flags inviting us in. I sat with my family and on that tiny table for four with the sunlight on their faces I never wanted the moment to end. When it was time for us to leave a family approached to claim our great real estate on that glorious Sunday. As if I was passing my first home to a new owner I told them to enjoy it. I reaffirmed there was not a better place to be or sit on that day. 

 photo outside_zps59fedc79.jpg

After brunch we walked to the Paris Market. Now ya'll know I have written about Paris Market many times... ( here, here, here, here,  

It inspires me. It takes me to another place where I am no longer here but there. One of those things that just makes me happy. The place inspired me to camp out this summer with the kids. We are going to do it. Spend the whole night out underneath the stars. Because their window told me so...


 photo ParisMarketWindow_zpsc4cc879f.jpg

Baby M. wants to go fishing and I want to spend time with them and capture things that I can't capture when we are on the grid. Off the grid this summer we will go.

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Do you have any Summer plans?
Happy Monday Peeps...


  1. Wonderful photos. We loved having breakfast there and thanks to you I have the loveliest memories of walking under those gigantic bent over trees draped in romantic moss.

  2. beautiful colors in those pictures. Camping in real life is a little bit more raw. With greens and browns but still worth it. One day we will go to Yosemite, you see beyond the stars at night and realize we are not alone int he universe.

    1. Take me... I will go. Can't wait for my trip to the west coast to see you.

  3. We are going to family place in Switzerland which will be beautiful x

    1. I want to go...LOL Have fun can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. Wonderful photos! I love them. Looks like a great time!


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