Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Girl Gone Wild...

One of my biggest passions is for fashion. I love getting dressed. The ritual of getting ready and picking out an outfit that will reflect my mood. My calling card to the world. Screaming out loud and letting the world know who I am or how I am feeling based on what I am wearing. I love fashion as an art expression and it is not about labels but uniqueness. While I appreciate the efforts of the big design houses I use them as inspiration and a point of reference. My sensible mind and budget would never allow me to buy anything to wear that is as much as someone's mortgage or rent. The thing is not even the price tag can keep me away from the fashion shows.

I once was asked to share a fantasy and my response was to shoot for Vogue while wearing spiked knee high boots... Louboutins of course. You would think it is my fantasy because I am graceful but I am not and this is my fantasy. The fantasy is the set up to what happened next.

To the show I wore a vintage blouse from the back of my closet. A blouse that was once my grandmother's this in itself is what makes it vintage and gives me the cred I need if asked who am I wearing. A black see-through blouse with long sleeves, embroidered and slightly puff cuffs that makes the blouse look elegant almost Gothic also sexy because of the sheer material. I packed my camera bag wore my leopard print ballet flats and headed out to the show. I fumbled camera bags, equipment and tickets while it began sprinkling in Savannah. I quickly made my way to the theater and I was told where I would stand to shoot. 

I saw all of Savannah's socialites and debutantes in their designer duds. Some were the parents to my daughters friends and some were the friends of my daughters themselves. As I stood there photographing I became invisible to the socialites. That's the thing about photographers we tend to disappear in most crowds. We blend in. The lights were dimmed and the show started. I intensely and focused began to shoot. Like Lara Croft I shot my camera as fast as a machine gun. So fast that without any warning each and every one of the buttons of my vintage blouse had come undone. My very own Girl Gone Wild moment. Topless and proud I shot the works of twelve designers. Luckily I was invisible or at least I hope I was.

To follow the images of the Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD) end of the year Fashion Show and the pictures I took while just wearing a bra. 

The show ended with  glow in the dark pieces.
The best show hands down I have seen in a long time.

Have you had any fashion Faux Paux lately?
Happy Midweek Peeps...


  1. Enjoyed the post...looks like a fun event. :)

  2. Some fashion I don´t get but the spectacle is always nice. Plus, you can never go wrong with glow in the dark!

  3. Great photos. I love fashion in the same sense as you, I get to define myself and not be a clone of others.

  4. Amazing photos. I can imagine the work put into such a show. I am sure your open blouse went unnoticed. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. when im all healed and ready to buy new clothes, you can be my stylist :)

  6. Amazing photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have NO doubt that one day you will be shooting for VOGUE in bitch red high heeled boots!!!
    And about the blouse, if somebody had noticed, they may have thought it was part of the fashion show.

    Xxx LOVE.

  8. Wonderful pictures :)

    Tahnks for linking up to Welcome to the weekend blog hop


  9. Oh no! Thank goodness for your invisibility!
    Some beautiful work and great shots! I have a little thing for fashion but myself, I'm hopeless!


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