Friday, May 24, 2013

The Big Year...

 I want my children to be calm, present and centered. Then, teach them my inner voice says. I decide she is almost three years of age and if I would engage her in the process of knowing when to be quiet she will learn easily. I incorporated the art of bird watching as a past time thinking this will also teach her patience.

 photo bids_zpsd2554e0e.jpg

We grab the most important of tools for bird watching which would include:  A view master from the Discovery store that doubles as binoculars, my camera, two Popsicles and the IPhone in case we needed to search for an unknown specie. We both are so still and oh so quiet as the Popsicle begins to melt. We quickly spot a pair of cardinals. Which excites her, she pucks her lips and opens her eyes wide as if her silence and stillness had paid off big time. 

 photo baby_zps9da33e4c.jpg

I reaffirm with a... you see your stillness paid off. I begin to snap when she notices how angry the birds seemed. Which I respond with a... They are just embarrassed. They usually eat alone. Content with the Popsicle and my explanation she reassured me she doesn't ever wish to eat alone. She pinky promises that she will always eat with me. 

 photo birds_zps87e6ca23.jpg

 photo bird2_zpsef1279fe.jpg

This is where I found myself calm, present and centered.

 photo magnolia_zpsfef09230.jpg

Wishing each one of you a great weekend and someone to break bread with or better yet...
Someone to share a Popsicle with. 

PS... Big Year List will begin with...

1 female and 1 male Cardinal
1  Mocking Bird.


  1. Beautiful photos!!! <3

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Hi! Following you via the Bloglovin Blog Hop at Happy Kids Inc. Oh, following on Bloglovin and GFC! :)

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    1. Will check your space shortly thanks for the visit

  3. The pictures ask that we stop and sit for a while. Love Mia's picture. What flower is that? Magnolia? I have no clue. All I know is that I want that flower photo for my home.


  4. I LOoVE& appreciated that you see the "beautiful" in everything, A. Xxxxx LOVE.

  5. Love the title of the post and the photo of the flower. That is an amazing pic.

  6. Especially love the mockingbird photo! I think bird watching is good for kids too. It does seem to calm them at least for a moment.

  7. It’s great to wok yup in the morning and reads your post. You are very optimistic in life. I love the simplicity of life that you are wishing for. I am happy to hear that there are still those who see beauty in life despite the negative experiences they have.

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  8. Such a lovely idea, I use deer to try and teach my son stillness since they like to show up in our backyard.


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