Friday, April 12, 2013

The More I learn… The Less I know…

* Warning did not have a chance to edit I was also drinking a Margarita as I posted.

It seems the busier I get the more I abandon that which fuels and heals me. This time around Miami is different no longer shiny and new, a bit known, kind of like that one acquaintance you bump into every now and then… not yet well known but armed with enough information to distinguish between idiosyncrasies and quirks.

This time doesn't feel like an affair it is a bit more complex and I know I will be able to make a bit more sense once I return to my dear Savannah.

The one thing I am hypnotized and mesmerized by is the blue waters and all the shades of blue it has introduced me to while I've been here. I can sit all day and just watch the waves come in and out and with each one I take a deep breath and I allow to heal from within.

The saltiness on my lips and the stickiness on my skin reminds me of my childhood. I am walking upon the seashores of a place where my father spent most of the late 50’s and early 60’s and I try to imagine what was it like for him. The skyline lit up in neon colors and the buildings in the art deco style of the place he once called home are inspiring. I understand how easy it could have been for a young man from the island to come here and fall in love with this place.

 photo miami_zps7b477f10.jpg

I am here with my blogger friends learning and discovering because there is no other when a hotel room is shared among five women. As someone that has toyed with the idea of conceiving and creating reality programming for the sake of sociological study and observation I think much would have been learned if this whole experience would have been filmed. But just like a cast of reality programming the bonding and the experience are unique and one of those you carry within. Trying to recount those moments are a moot point its like one of those of jokes that you have to be there to be able to grasp it.

 photo SOBE_zps6a94f1a1.jpg

So instead I am showing you pictures…

  photo miamibeach_zpsab7da367.jpg

Because the more I get to know the women around me the more I get to know myself. Because the more I am pushed, questioned and challenged the more I learn from within. The more I learned… the less I know…

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It is Friday I have two more sunsets in paradise, three more sunrises and four women that I have learn to love and respect much deeper.
Happy weekend peeps will be back on these pages and home by next week.


  1. I wish I was there hanging with you, watching the ocean, drinking a Margarita so bad!!!

  2. living vicariously beautiful girl! Crazy about the photographs & hope you're having enough margaritas for the both of us xx

  3. Spending time alone with you was one of the things i enjoyed the most on this trip. love you.

  4. Gorgeous photos! So happy we were able to spend time together. xoxo


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