Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Right On Track...

Been waking up with words speaking through my fingers ready to be typed onto paper. It feels like the itching on the palms of my hands when I am about to bump into some money but instead it is just an outpour of words. These words are being typed and saved in hopes one day they can be read.

A few moments that could not go unnoticed...

It was her first Easter and she loved it. She is getting a hold of the whole holidays and how the seasons move along. She is already looking forward to Halloween because she is clueless that first comes many dips in the pool, many sunsets at the beach, many picnics and outings to the park and of course the 4th of the July aka her birthday.

 photo easter_zps3409e29f.jpg

Our first outdoor gathering with friends and Margaritas.
I love my family and need them but I also need my friends, a few sunsets and margaritas.

 photo cocktails_zpsd5d35e92.jpg

We are done planting for the season Savannah expects downpours tomorrow so we are right on track with Spring and everything it has to offer. Will be back one more time before the Miami trip.

Instagram Freak...

 photo savannah_zpsf190757b.jpg

Happy Midweek Peeps and please Stay Sweet.


  1. I love the colors with the black & white. Also the bunny ears. Coming over to find you on Instagram x

  2. Oh man you just made me want some tostones now.

  3. Did you say "margaritas?" ;-) MAÑANA!!!


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