Monday, February 11, 2013


The meaning of the word antebellum is prior to war and most of my city was built on that foundation.
Prior to the American War and remained untouched.

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There is beauty in war.
The beauty in which two parties get up and fight for what they believe is right.
There is beauty after a war because both sides now changed forever, learn not only about how precious life is ( or at least I hope they do) but they learn that during war no one wins.
There are more loses than gains and both sides most of the time jaded and cynical continue walking the earth broken and wounded.

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Which now takes me to one of the most beautiful words that I've heard... Antebellum.

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Because to me it's pure, simple, lyrical and literal like its Latin root.
Prior to war, to chaos, to confusion, to destruction.
And if we as human tried to live life in a "constant state" of antebellum maybe we too can remain untouched.

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Because after all it is no surprise that Savannah remained untouched during the American Civil War.
Lady Savannah was charming, open, inviting and hospitable.

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To this day and after a war that changed the course of our history Savannah remains unblemished.
I want to think after all the wars I have endured like the lady that welcomed me home almost twenty years ago... I remain.

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Like the word Antebellum I want to remain pure,simple, lyrical and always literal like its Latin root.

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Happy Monday Peeps.

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  1. Mira, I didn't know that Savannah made it through the war unscathed. Love these pictures. Wanna see them in all their glory. <3

  2. Love your writing. You always take me to another place xxx

  3. Beautiful photos! and what an interesting word.

  4. The South is like her tea-sweet once you get to know her, with a swift kick of lemon every now and then. ; ) BB2U

  5. Gorgeous photos as usual, lady! And yes, it is a pretty word. Antebellum. I like it. So much history in there.

    Ladaisi Blog
    Ladaisi Etsy

  6. I love the last picture. It is beautiful.
    Fantastic snaps. :)

  7. I love the way you weave your words with your images, both resonate. I find my mind always drifts back to your images long after I have left.

    1. I love you say those things I admire you so much.

  8. Dear A,
    thank you for teaching me to see things thru a new looking glass.

    LOVE. Xxxxx Have a great weekend w/ your gorgeous family.

  9. Love your style of capturing the moment and elements of a place and feeling!
    (found you through the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!)

  10. I am not used to not see green in your photos. however, I did not feel trapped.


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