Sunday, February 3, 2013

About being a sheep...

Sunday Poetry...

I went to the doctor and he said to me it is time.
Time for what I wondered.
To remove everything that makes you a woman he said.
Then I thought of the time when I was bamboozled to tie the tubes that carry
my precious eggs.

Because it was the murmurs of friends and family.
It was the age factor they said.
How I have expired like the milk in your fridge.
It was the bills that continued to run through the front door of this small house.

I allowed the fools to climb up the walls sneaking in through my bedroom window.
I grabbed a needle and tattooed the word guilty on my forehead.
I wanted everyone to see it.

Within my insides I was changed.

Now a sheep I know I let them break my heart and my body.
For their sake.

Now a sheep I tell you...
You are not taking anything else away.


1. While Tubal ligation and hysterectomy can at times be selective procedures. Now I know I was forced to make some rushed decisions. Always follow your heart and medical advice for life threatening conditions.

2. About 80's leggings. Many of you came to defend the 80's leggings and I too am guilty.

3. Who' the rock star on the last post? Lead singer to the band Cusses a local Savannah,GA Rock band.

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Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Will be back tomorrow with a sponsored post.
Stay sweet peeps and enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.


  1. So strange to think about our insides changes as well as our outsides even though emotionally and spiritually we continue to grow and change.

  2. Beautifully written as always xxxxxxxx


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