Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Poetry...

I once knew a girl so bored with her predictable life to the point she could puke.
I once met a girl that hated herself so much and who she was that she would continue creating paper dolls in the search of self.
I once met a girl with so much time in her hands to the point her dreams would dissolve like cotton candy on your warm tongue.

She searched through magazines and books through everything that was tangible.
Everything and anything anyone could see.

She traveled....
That girl was crazy... like the birds searching for a new identity.
She flew searching for more...

Confused, scared and ashamed.
Confused she began to replicate, duplicate... Shiny things are so beautiful.
She raised mirrors all around her... Her own little glass house.

I once met a girl that wanted to be me...


Instagram Freak...

Ms.M On top hated the eyes of the original pic but loved to be photographed with Project Runway's April so we added cool shades. :)


Weekend Cocktail...



  1. Love that poem!

    And lets be honest I've been drooling over those Instagram photos all week x

  2. Cheers to you amiga.
    Every time I think I've found myself I realize I'm still evolving. I know nothing.

  3. Nice poem. That drink looks so tasty, I'm definitely going to try it out. I found your blog via the Aloha Blog hop. Stop by if you'd like.

  4. Great thoughts with a wonderfully poetic flair. Well done.

  5. Lovely.

    my heart smiles when I click into your universe, dear. Xxx

  6. love, I wish we could spend some time together while sipping on that cocktail..yum!


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