Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I began this post yesterday morning but the chores, the weather, the children made it impossible to finish. I decided in the evening as they were in bed I will get the time I need to write. Writing makes me so happy I set as much time as I can for it. But that's when a friend showed up and I did what any good hostess would do and I opened a bottle of wine. A Riesling that was perfect for our starry autumn night with cool crisp air and lots of things to talk about.

So I wake up today and my post has yet to be finished and since the conversation and company were great I saw no reason to cut it short. This morning I can feel it though...
My body is catching the autumn cold that is knocking on everyone's window.

So I rush to do as much as I can.
As my throat keeps swelling.
As the scratchiness and burning sensation grows intense.
As my nose begins to run I wish I've used last nights wine cork to plug each nostril before it floods the keyboard.
I rush I type and I edit.
Because I want this post to make it out today.

Sharing with you the birth of autumn around the home.

dining room, candle decor, leaves,Paris Market Fall tablescape.

Baby M... Brings so much joy and she can go from this...


To this...


In .5 seconds.


Pray for me while I nurse this cold...Wishing you a great week.


Later peeps.


  1. I wish some of that lovely cool weather would make it down here. It's still swampy & humid every single day.

  2. Hope you are able to fend off your cold before it sets in...colds can be so annoying. I've been threatening to get out and enjoy the cooler day (last time I checked it was 76). Autumn is around the corner...I can feel it coming. Yay!

    Feel better...

  3. I hope you feel better soon, so you can enjoy the perfection that autumn is!

  4. Love the photos - Hope you feel better soon. Joining from Welcome Wednesday - http://allthoseartsygirls.blogspot.com/

  5. Keep Well :)))

    I LOVE YOUR house! Is the color like a Clay? xxxx Loooove.

  6. Feel better soon-- I can't wait to read more!! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop and am excited to read more!

  7. Me encanta la reunion de fotografías al principio.
    Muy ya empezó Fall

  8. Baby M looks so sweet with the pout in the first picture. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I was born in Autumn.

    Hope you recover soon. Liked the lovely pictures, as always.

    Joy always,

  9. Baby M has the loveliest curls. i hope she is giving you many hugs to make you feel better.

  10. Beautiful fall photos! Found you on the Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop!


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