Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of all the things I lost...

 I miss my mind the most said Mark Twain.

I often wonder in which direction I am going and this space used to be my retreat when I felt all was chaos. How can someone be present yet be a ghost while in the presence of others. Not sure how but I seem to have been able to master it. To be at home but yet lose my dog. To be surrounded by the hundredths yet feel disconnected. I see the beauty and I am not blind to the wonderment of it all but for a moment... I find that place where they too have sense the loneliness.

Forsyth Park Savannah GA

Regardless of all the glitter and rainbows I lose myself in the music until I become a part of it as well. This sound fills the void and appeases this cotton candy head of mine.



Today I sat on a tree and whispered to the wind. I swear I saw the breeze carry it out getting lost in the horizon. My prayers and the eternal changing of the seasons. The dog came back with the same ole' musky smell and attitude but it feels right and I am sharing some pink wine and a cigarette and we are looking at the stars leaving me starry eyed.


The week is moving as it should and tomorrow will begin another weekend. I hope my mind will be back soon.  Later peeps and please stay sweet...


  1. Mujer bella- if this is you with a wandering mind, the intensity of you grounded would ignite countless night skies. Cuidate y sigue contandonos de tu ser.


  2. Sometimes the mind is quite restless and one finds it difficult to say what has caused it. I am glad that you are aware of the process and are tuned to it as an observer.

    In the first picture with bursts of colour, I observe a girl with a purple top standing right in front who is pensive and sad. I wonder what was going on in her mind.

    The rainbow is a sign of hope -- a hope for everything hopeless, I reckon.

    I wish you calm and a wonderful weekend.

    Joy always,

  3. Beautiful post! New follower found you thru the hop!


    The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  4. I am so bothered by the fACT that I had to read this post without able to see all your pictures! My computer is running down slow..slower than ever before..
    I feel bad you lost Marlin for a while, it must have been a horrible feeling...but you know how dogs are..they want to wonder around.
    You have so many things to do busy bee, and it is really hard to keep it together sometimes...just dive into your soul for peace and quiet when the outside world shakes you.

  5. Adri, I'm so glad Merlin found his way back home. Like him, your mind will wander back, again, soon. Sometimes best thing is to surrender to the tumult and chaos, ride it out, you know? Love you, Amiga. Sending you a huge abrazo y amor. xoxox

  6. This post reminds me of this song
    Fat Boy Slim feat. Bob Marley - I'm A Rainbow Too

    Sometimes it does the spirit real good to be carried away for a little bit.


  7. Sometimes getting lost in the music or pictures or the scenes around you is not a bad thing. Self reflection during these times can lead to some awesome discoveries.

  8. ----You make my heart smile.

    I can visulize you sitting in the night with your musky dog- sipping pink wine.

    When I think of that, I don't feel so alone.

    Is that weird?


  9. Hi Adriana! Thanks for linking up on the Make My Saturday Sweet blog hop! Beautiful photos.

    Tina - mom of 4 and author of 5 blogs

  10. sometimes we decide to just wander off...and that's ok.

    I love the first picture, I am so bad with rain. Next time I will smile just like them.

  11. There are times when we feel down in the dumps and sometimes it appears for no specific reason. Everything would seem meaningless and things wouldn't happen to our expectations.
    I'm glad that your dog returned home and hope you're feeling better now.


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