Saturday, April 14, 2012

Open House...

My getaway played out like a pop song. I am serious when I say you could you just have followed us around with a camera and a boom box and there were parts I could really see the montage playing out.

Sometimes we walk around life trying... Trying so hard to make a connection. Connections that empower and enrich us. To connect and to tap into the soul of  any human being. Being able to look into their eyes and without a care in the world you become who you really are. Vulnerable and open those situations don't happen often.

Villa Vecchia Miami

We pretend... We hide... But then there are times when we let our guard down and we drop the moat of our very tall and well secured castles and allow some visitors in and sometimes if we are lucky they appear.

Like magic...

Group of bloggers I met at my 1st bloggers conference.

I write because I have so much I want to say. I want to tell stories... My stories. I wish to connect with others in hopes I too can listen to theirs and exchange. The exchange of energy with like minded people is transcendental and transforming. It gives you hope security and the freedom of being who you truly are. Free of judgement I let my windows and the front door wide open. It was an open house... Come in... take off your shoes... please excuse the toys the kids left behind and the juice stains on the carpet... But I make a great coffee and I promise you...
We will laugh and cry.
And we did...

Miami, Steven Bauer from Scarface along with others from film.

This week I learned soft is harder than diamonds but sweetness is stronger...always. I learned giving is not sacrificing. I learned embracing the state of vulnerability is a must if I want to be happy.

So much more to show you and share because this is only one side of it...
There were also these peeps...

Will be back later when I feel a bit more rested... Until then please stay sweet!


  1. just you wait till I post My pictures....oh what a breath of fresh air was being part of this connection..thanks!

  2. Looks like a great time! Seems like a life changing one too. I love your pictures as always they tell stories... but I can't wait to hear the one you tell me over coffee and cake. Love you miss you. See you soon ;)

  3. We live our lives creating memories and what a great batch we have. Love you mucho, my long lost sister. heehee xoxo

  4. Newbie follower from the SS #bloghop

  5. Ay, Adriana. I miss all of you. It's such a blessing that we found each other. Something tells me more awaits this motley crew ... un abrazo!

  6. ----I write because I have so much I want to say. I want to tell stories... My stories---

    & I'll keep reading.

    You. Are. Beautiful.

    Love the leopard shoes <3 xx

  7. I absolutely miss all of you! Who knew I could miss a group of women, I met only days before. I know this bond we share will last a long time. You are all forever in my heart!

    Until we laugh, drink & gossip again ~ XOXOX


  8. Adriana no nos vimos! ;(... Me encanto tu post! tus fotos me encantan!


  9. "I learned embracing the state of vulnerability is a must if I want to be happy."

    woah. for once BB has no quick one liner- just here enjoying the pics, the memories and the wisdom.



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