Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eat the ice cream before it melts...

Those were my mothers words as I was sharing how hesitant I was about leaving on such a long trip. Taking off with 2 kids and coordinating house sitters, hotels, meals and outfits for the whole family can  be difficult. Not an easy task. Gas prices seem to not wanna cooperate either which staying cancelling and forgetting about it seemed simple and easy.

 But I won't settle so easy because sometimes we really need to rally push and get ourselves together and like warriors go at it. Head on. So I packed...organized and pray.
I am glad that I just won't listen to those little demons that tell me... you can't.
Because we can.
First stop... One of my oldest and closest friend I had not seen her new and beautiful baby.

Meet Baby Lily. Welcome to the world little one.

And my favorite...

We are having so much fun in Miami please bear with me as I edit, learn and grow during this opportunity...

*Warning...I wrote this post between sessions at a blogger conference. Please forgive any grammatical errors or misspellings. You've been warned!

Will be back Saturday...  Until then..Stay Sweet Peeps...


  1. That looks so yummy!! Great pictures!!

  2. Baby Lily is too cute... and Mia cuddling to her is lovely! Cant wait till you get back. I know you are having a blast .

  3. que bonitas son las fotos...... el bebé es tan tierno.....que suerte haberlo podido disfrutar

  4. Beautiful pics! I found you via Bloggy Moms. I'm a fellow Georgia blogger. Glad to connect with someone in GA. You have a beautiful familia! Hope you'll stop by my blog when you can. Look forward to reading more....

  5. New Follower from Blog Hop! Love all the great pics! The music is a great touch too ;)

  6. I wanna be in Miami with you so bad!!!!!


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